Saturday, October 13, 2007

Adventureland, September 1971

I don't spend nearly enough time blogging about Adventureland! So today is an attempt to make up for the neglect.

Among the many exotic sights that you'll see during the Jungle Cruise is this mysterious Monkey God. His temple is in ruins, nearly devoured by the jungle growth. I'd like to believe that he is guarding some incredible treasure! But to get it you have to pass that icky spiderweb, and spiderwebs are gross. So I guess the treasure is safe for now!

Further down the river, we pass yet another ruined statue. This giant head is covered by the vines of the strangler fig...the expression on the stone face seems benificent, and yet meloncholy as well. What happened to the civilization that was capable of such artistry? (See, I get carried away)!

And finally, we leave the jungle and head inside the Enchanted Tiki Room. Is that Jose overhead? Even though he's an animatronic parrot, I can't help but wish I had a hat on.

Thanks once again to the Graziano family for sharing these great slides!

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