Sunday, June 09, 2013

Bad Photos!

What's a blogger to do with bad photos? Post them on Sunday, that's what! In a lot of about 20 stereo slides (from around 1970), these three were teetering on the edge of rejection. 

Here's a familiar view to anybody who has had to wait in line to ride the Matterhorn. The spikes on top of the wrought iron were to prevent the escape of the abominable snowman. "Harold" officially became a resident of the attraction in 1978, and he is happy now. Notice the alpine stream which is actually ice-cold Zima.

There is a better shot of the Motor Boat Cruise in the lot of slides (stay tuned!), but this one is almost an accident. But it might give you a sense of what it was like to putter beneath the Autopia track.

And finally, an obligatory (and oblique) shot of the castle. I appreciate the photographer's desire to avoid the usual straight-on shot, but it's still kind of a yawn.


Nanook said...

Hey - in the Matterhorn shot, we can see an orange-? Skyway bucket and a Matterhorn bobsled.

And the castle shot is really interesting, as the angle gives it a broader profile than it really has in person.

Rejects, perhaps - but nice viewing on an early Sunday morning.

Thanks, Major.

D ticket said...

It seems that the quality of the images are inversely proportionate to the humour in the descriptions, i.e. the lousier the slides, the funnier the descriptions, and since those descriptions are half the fun of visiting this site, I don't mind the Sunday morning bargain bin slides at all.

TokyoMagic! said...

There are no bad photos, just bad photographers....or something like that. Yeah, I was noticing the bobsled as well and it's blurry riders. It looks like this might be prior to the tandem sleds. Oh, how I wish we had those sleds from '78 back....or even the ones from '59! I can no longer ride one of my favorite attractions because of the horrible new ride vehicles. :-(

Chiana_Chat said...

I'm fond of the top pic, actually, 'cause it brought to mind what it was actually like standing there close than many "better" pics. Many a moment in a delightful anticipation was spent there by that fence, surrounded by the ambiance of waterfalls, the rivulets and alpine-lite landscape, the roar of the snowman, the occasional monorail passing by and of course the towering mountain. Fun times, it evokes.

Nancy said...

These arent so bad, really. These Skyway buckets are my favorite ones, and tho a Monorail in the shot would have been nice, I can live with it

There are too few pics of the Motor Boat Cruise, so I am definitely liking this one bad or not!

The castle is pretty from here. I agree that I like the angled views best.

Happy camper here!! :-)

K. Martinez said...

I think these photos are fine. Nice untypical views.

The first reminds me of all the times I've waited in line for the Matterhorn Bobsleds. Love the view of the alpine stream and castle wall in back. I can even anticipate the monorail gliding by any moment.

That's a nice over/under view of the Motor Boat Cruise and Autopia as well.

I love the castle image framed by the foliage and "stone" brick wall. It actually feels like a more natural setting compared to the usual Main Street views.

These images may not be technically perfect, but they bring a bit of joy to my morning. Thanks for posting.

Chuck said...

I can see how the Motorboat Cruise photo would be more interesting in stereo, with quite a bit of variance in depth.

I miss the original ride vehicles from the Matterhorn, too (and their smoother ride), but I can't help but wonder how much longer the ride wait times would be with today's crowds using the older, smaller vehicles?

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, is orange an unusual color for those Skyway buckets? I'm pretty sure that one is in fact orange.

D ticket, thanks! Unfortunately I have plenty of lame photos to unload on you poor people.

TokyoMagic!, wow, if YOU can't ride the new Matterhorn bobsleds, I am screwed. How could they mess up something so basic?

Chiana, that is my favorite of the three. I never minded that part of the queue, but it is disheartening to get to the chalet and see the switchback lines; you're not as close as you think!

Nancy, I have definitely seen worse. And you're right, there really aren't that many Motor Boat Cruise photos for some reason.

K. Martinez, they are certainly untypical! Thinking of the Monorail always makes me imagine the distinctive horn. I'm glad you liked these.

Chuck, I was too lazy to dig out my stereo viewer, but you're right, that one might really "pop". And I'm sure the lines would be much longer with the old single bobsleds.....

Nanook said...


I just wasn't certain if it was orange or red. Perhaps vermilion (or vermillion, if you choose).

Alonzo P Hawk said...

The only bad photos of Disneyland are the ones that don't get taken.

A perfect subject. I agree with Tokyo magic. Only bad photography in different degrees.

Matt G. said...

I HATE the new Matterhorn sleds! They're so uncomfortable, I used to love that ride...

Anonymous said...

The single-sled, non-computerized Matterhorn had the fastest load/unload times and the attraction was rarely down. Not to mention, the single sleds gave the fastest and smoothest (by far!) ride. I hate the new vehicles, too.

Nancie said...

I like the first and third photos! (it may be because that's how most of MY photos turn out :) )

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, I think it was more of a Chinese red!

Alonzo, oh believe me, there are LOTS of bad photos of Disneyland. I have too many!!

Matt, such a bummer that they managed to ruin a ride that has been perfectly good for 50 years.

Anon, I am surprised that the single slides could load so quickly. I can't even imagine how the ride would feel without that additional weight.

Nancle, I am the same way, which is why I don't bother to take pictures when I'm there.

Connie Moreno said...

Aw heck, I love 'em!

Chiana_Chat said...

@ Major ^ "I never minded that part of the queue, but it is disheartening to get to the chalet and see the switchback lines; you're not as close as you think!"

But the chalet is so CUTE and somehow cool, complete with spiel I can hear now... "Remain seated please." Followed by Spanish. Being silly as I am though, I would've had it spoken in German only: "Bleiben Sie sitzen, Touristen" or just have the Abominable Snowman pop out and roar at anyone who tries to get up too quick hehe

Major Pepperidge said...

Chiana, I do love the chalet, just not standing in it for 30 minutes. They need a "walk around" Harold for photo ops! Now we all know that you speak German.