Sunday, January 13, 2008

Two Views from 1958

There are lots of Main Street photos in my boxes of slides, but this one is at least a little bit different...sort of an odd angle taken from the edge of the hub. Behind us and to our left would be the Red Wagon Inn, and beyond that, the entrance to Tomorrowland. Not many people are at the park on this cold March day, and there's not a child in sight.

Two months later, things have certainly warmed up, and the crowds look more like what I'm used to. The picture is a bit blurry, but there are a few details that I enjoy, like the balloons visible through the castle's arch, and the beautiful "antique" clock to the right, reminiscent of a clock you might find in some little Austrian town.


Progressland said...

Neat shot of Refreshment Corner. I enjoy older shots that show how distinct the side streets (in this case, E. Center Street) used to be.

perkypickle said...

beautiful shots!

Chris Merritt said...

This is very interesting - notice the employee access to the "goon doors" scene just to the right of the three windows. I can also just barely see the edges of the yellow and red shields, that I thought went on the Fanatsyland ticket booth (I just found the art for them working on the "virtual castle" project) - but obviously, they were placed up there. It looks like they are completely out of guest view!

Jordan - where ya been? Working on Shrek part 43?