Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The House What Come From The Future

These pictures were taken six years apart (this first one in 1963), but you'd never know it to look at them. That's because the Plastic House of the Future was immune to the effects of the sun, rain, and wood munchin' bugs. It also protected its inhabitants (if it had any) from cosmic rays and the microwaves that the Russkies send out, the ones that scramble my thoughts and make me so very dizzy. A word to the wise: always line your hats with aluminum foil.

Ya know, now that I really look closely, this next photo is from 1957, and the HOF actually does look newer, whiter, shinier and cleaner. It probably smelled like brand new sneakers! Maybe plastic wasn't the answer to all of our problems (just my very special - and unspeakable - problems). Or maybe the house just needed a coat of white paint.


Daveland said...

Very cool closeups of the HOF!

The Viewliner Limited said...

Why didn't they just take the house apart and put it in storage instead of destroying it. I guess they were not much into preservation in those years. Wonderful pictures. Thanks

Unknown said...

Great shots, Major!

viewliner, I read in abook (I think it was Mouse Tales) that said they had to use blow torches to cut the house apart. The wrecking ball bounced right off of it!

Those probably aren't Levolor blinds, either!

Matterhorn1959 said...

I think they needed to pressure wash the side of the house. Or maybe get the local auto detailing company to do a quick clean and wax!