Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Two More from 1957

Hey ho, it's back to 1957 we go! Arg, I'm running short on time, so this is going to be a rush job.

From the same lot of slides as yesterday, here's a nice view of Harper's Mill. As a kid I could just watch that water wheel go 'round and 'round....until I was HIP-MO-TIZED! There's somebody skulking around Fowler's Harbor, which makes me wonder - - could you go inside any of those picturesque, rickety buildings? Or were they strictly for maintenance crews and leprechauns? In the distance, a group of folks are walking on the trail from the Indian Village, and beyond them (barely visible) is a train tunnel.

We're looking down upon a Storybook Land boat and good old Casey Junior. I am sort of fascinated by what appears to be lots of earth-moving going on over that wall. What was going on out there?

I added this detail because I remember reading about how somebody had the bright idea of sticking a walnut tree upside-down in the ground outside of Toad Hall (above Moley's house), supposedly the bare roots made such a nice looking "scraggly tree". It's pretty clear that the story is true, because that sure looks like roots to me!


Matterhorn1959 said...

I so miss Toad Hall being there in Storybook. Granted times change and the need to update attractions, but it was such a nice location especially with the formal English Gardens out front. Luckily when Agrobah from Alladin was put in, Imagineers prevailed and Toad Hall was moved. The powers that be wanted to just remove Mr. Toad and Moley. In the first shot, the Toms Landing sign is a great little detail.

pixiegirltink said...

Loved the reference to the Leprechans in Disneyland! I've got the LGB book about the little guy who lived in the orange grove until Disneyland was built. I think I'll dig that story out again and read it to my kids with an Irish brogue...