Monday, August 07, 2017

Two More From Huck

We have seen 18 images from GDB pal Huck Caton, who took a bunch of nice photos back in April of 1995. Today I'm sharing the final two pictures from this set - all good things must come to an end.

The Mark V-style Monorails were at Disneyland for over 20 years, and yet, to this day, I still twitch involuntarily when I see them. The "Lear jet" inspired design is so tied to Walt Disney World in my mind; I'm sure that there are many people who loved this look, but I never could warm to it. The choice of font for the "Disneyland Monorail System" is adorably dated... I am almost positive that I used the same font for a sign when I was just out of high school. Because I had no aesthetic taste.

Nevertheless, this is still a bright and sunshiny look at Tomorrowland when it still had the original Submarine Voyage, and those awesome Mark VII "Stingray" Autopia vehicles. 

It's fanny packs aplenty over near the Starcade! I feel like I have wasted my life, having never owned or worn a fanny pack. But it's not too late - there's hope for me yet. Check out those very 80's colors in the background - swirling teals and purples. It's funny, I had an art teacher who pointed out the overuse of purple in certain paintings, and to this day I have a bias against it, even though it is a perfectly good hue when used correctly.

Say, what's that white spiky thing in the distance? Why, it's Space Mountain! You don't see it very often on this blog. Did the Speed Ramps still operate in 1995? I remember being able to run up them one time (late at night), and I felt like the Bionic Man. Zooom!

Thanks to Huck Caton for generously sharing his personal photos!


K. Martinez said...

I actually liked the Mark V monorails better than the Mark VII monorails they have now. At least the Mark V model had plush interiors. Other than the color styling and nose cone, I never felt the Mark V's were too much like WDW. Disneyland's Mark V monorails were more cylindrical in shape whereas WDW's Mark IV monorails were more boxy.

As much as I was unhappy about Disney filling in the Space Stage with the Magic Eye Theater in 1986, I like what I see here better than what is there today.

Both pics despite being in the 1990's are pretty nice. Thanks, Huck Caton. And thank you too, Major.

TokyoMagic! said...

Excellent shots! I love the first pic, shot through the greenery of the planter. Or was Huck standing IN the planter? Notice the large Mickey face on that plastic souvenir bag in the first pic (held by the woman in the pink shirt). I'm pretty sure the Space Mt. Speed Ramps were still working in 1995, but only the "down" side would be turned on. I seem to remember the "up" side always being off. Maybe they didn't want a pile-up at the top of the ramp, if the line was to stop moving? There had to be some reason for it, I would think.

Thanks to Huck, for sharing all of his wonderful pics with us!

Scott Lane said...

Thanks for sharing, Huck!
I also do a double-take whenever I see those Mark V's. They just seem out of place in Anaheim.

K. Martinez said...

On second look, the window design on the Mark V is nearly the same as the Walt Disney World monorails, so yes, they are very similar.

These two links illustrate what I was talking about with the body style design.

DL's Mark V is more tube like or cylindrical.

On WDW's monorails the hood of the monorail car bodies is more flat and the design more box like.

Again, these are very nice images today. Thanks Huck & Major.

Chuck said...

I scanned these pictures closely in hopes of finding myself, but I guess I'll have to go elsewhere to achieve self-actualization.

I seem to recall being surprised to find the "up" speedramp being on at least once during this period. We normally rode SM at night during a parade or Fantasmic! when crowd numbers were low, so that makes sense.

TM!, I noticed that shopping bag, too. I think I still have one or two around somewhere; I know our yellow Mickey ponchos lived in one for years.

Loving everything about these. Thanks again, Huck and Major!

Steve DeGaetano said...

Major, you owe it to yourself to get a fanny pack. They are actually quite convenient!

Anonymous said...

What Chuck Said.

My first trip back to Disneyland after a 20 year absence was right around this time. I remember walking up the speedramp, but have no recollection of those monorails at all, other than academically I know they must have existed.

I do recall that wearing a fanny pack was a condition of entry to the Park.

These are fine pics indeed, Major. Thank you and Huck very much indeed.


stu29573 said...

Fanny packs are back in! My daughter just bought a "Minnie" one at the Disney Store for her upcoming WDW trip!

Major Pepperidge said...

K. Martinez, I confess that I never actually set foot inside one of the Mark V Monorails. I was just talking about their exterior appearance of course, for all I know they were the best vehicles ever, in every other way.

TokyoMagic!, Huck was standing in the planter a la Arte Johnson from “Laugh-In”. I don’t care for that particular bag design - just like the postcards, at some point they featured characters more than the park itself. Which is weird. It does make sense that the “up” Speed Ramp might sometimes back up - I’ve seen that happen at my local movie theater, in which some of the screens are upstairs.

Scott Lane, the Mark V’s felt very much of the era, instead of evoking some sort of fantasy future.

K. Martinez, I assume that the differences in the two Monorails is due in large part to the fact that the ones in Florida really are used as transportation, rather than as a ride. From what I understand, they are large enough to stand in?

Chuck, since you never appear in any of these photos, I am not sure you really exist. Perhaps you are just a figment of my Imagination? I used to use the same strategy, riding rides during the parades. It was the best.

Steve DeGaetano, I prefer my good old lightweight backpack, though it does sometimes hold in a lot of heat when the sun is fierce.

JG, I’m not sure why I never rode those Monorails, though I suspect that it really did have to do with the fact that I disliked their appearance. I missed my older models!

stu29573, say it ain’t so!

K. Martinez said...

Major, No. In my opinion the best vehicles ever were the older monorails. Especially the beautiful Mark III. And I think you're right about the design difference of standing vs. sitting between the DL and WDW monorails.

walterworld said...

I miss the Starcade!

The upper level closed first, along with the speedramps. I think it was still open in 1995.

Nowadays the lower level is completely plush/storage or whatever. I was there about a year and a half ago...the memory now is like a bad dream.

Thank you Huck for sharing these great images from a still fun, still un-crowded (sometimes) and generally better era than today.

And thank you Major (as always) for your incessant posting!

Dean Finder said...

I can confirm that the WDW monorails are tall enough to stand in. There are even poles to hold if you are standing while the monorail is moving.
They have about the same height and width as a city bus.

Major Pepperidge said...

K. Martinez, I am curious… if you remember, did the Mark III Monorails have upholstered seats? Or were they hard plastic like today’s Monorails?

walterworld, I hope you didn’t spend all of your time (and quarters) playing “Space Invaders” and “Asteroids”! Ha ha, “incessant posting” sounds like it’s kind of a nuisance!

Dean Finder, wow, then those Monorails are a LOT larger than the Disneyland versions. Sounds kind of impressive.