Monday, August 14, 2017

More Rescans!

I have rescanned more slides from the past; I think the results were worth the effort!

Let's start with this 1958 photo (originally posted in 2009) of two cute kids who have just finished riding the Dumbo attraction. Big Sis is being very helpful! As you can see, the colors are faded to a grayish yuck; and I managed to post it backwards.

This new scan has really benefited from my years of Photoshop experience! The colors really pop now, and the whole thing just looks sharper and nicer. In the background we get a decent look at one of the Fantasyland snack stands, as well as the dining area nearby. Attraction posters for the new "Alice in Wonderland" attraction and the Disneyland Hotel can be seen to the right; to the left are posters for the Skyway and "Space Station X-1".

This next one is from the same batch, although I didn't post it until 2011. The boy from the previous photo can just be seen, apparently sitting on his mother's lap. I believe the lady to our left is the grandmother.

Once again, the color leaves a lot to be desired.

Ah, that's more like it. At this point, parts of Fantasyland still had a rough, unfinished appearance, in large part due to the constant improvements that Walt Disney implemented. I love the Casey Jr. Circus Train passing in the distance!


K. Martinez said...

I love the candy-striped support arms of the Dumbo attraction.

They really had it down with those cast member ride operator costumes didn't they? Nice pics today. Thanks, Major.

Nanook said...


Once again: Wowie Zowie-! The improvements never cease to amaze. That should be Fan 1 in the background of the first image - and a couple of attraction posters you missed on the right: The Jungle River Cruise; and the Columbia. In honor of the 'colorful' occasion, I think I'll head over to the eatery and order both a Coke & a Pepsi-!

Thanks, Major.

TokyoMagic! said...

Fantastic job with the rescans, Major! Is that little boy the one from your very first GDB post?

Scott Lane said...

The improvement is amazing!

DrGoat said...

Nice job M. Night and day.
I think every kid had at least 3 pair of flip flops in the closet due to the attrition rate of those things. And the motion gives that second pic a very neat quality I'm really liking.

Major Pepperidge said...

K. Martinez, those “Dumbo” ride operators look like mid-level corporate managers! White shirt and tie, not very “fantasy”.

Nanook, I did see those posters (plus the “Grand Canyon Diorama” just to the left of Fan 1), but they were so obscured that I figured I’d just mention the most obvious examples.

TokyoMagic!, yes, that’s the same kid!

Scott Lane, these were definitely worth the effort.

DrGoat, who doesn’t remember that terrible moment when the thong pulled out of the sole of the flip flop? To this day I hope that doesn’t happen.

Nanook said...


That's cheating-! The resolution of the images, as posted, isn't sharp-enough to accurately make the ID. Thanks.

I should have also mentioned the 'olde-timey' large, circular plastic containers atop two of their soda machines in Fan 1, filled with some sort of orange drink.

Alonzo P Hawk said...

Holy Henna Rinse Batman! These are great. Yoda would agree "complete is your training" (in photoshop). Already know you, that which you need. Thanks for re-posting.

Anonymous said...

Major, you ARE the Master now.

Amazing work.

I really enjoy the obvious concern the little girl has for her brother. She's very patient.

I can make out posters for the Skyway, Space Station X1 and Alice in Wonderland, the rest are obscure.

I am going to celebrate with some orange drink.


K. Martinez said...

Guess I neglected to compliment you on your photo rescans today. Nice job, Major!

Also like the "wall" of eucs behind Storybook Land.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha! I should read the text more closely instead of skipping straight to the pictures.

You already mentioned all the posters I could recognize. Duh.

Thanks Major.

Also, good to know that the young man with the tie is a Ride Operator. I have some personal B&W pics of the Casey Junior Ride from this era with two fellows in similar garb. I assumed they were staff, but maybe from Burbank HQ or something. Looks like they were RO's for Casey.


Dean Finder said...

If I ever make it to Disneyland, I'm totally walking around in that "Air Force Casual" look of the Dumbo ROs.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, no cheating was involved! I looked at the same jpeg as you (I’m too lazy to plug in my external hard drive to look at the high-res original). It’s just that I’m such a poster nerd that the tiny bit of purple and blue was all I needed.

Alonzo, I am glad to know that these would be “Yoda approved”!

JG, yes, I think it is sweet to see the sister looking out for her brother. My niece was the same way, very generous and caring even as a young girl. Yum, non-carbonated orange drink!

K. Martinez, thanks! And I always like to see those old stands of eucalyptus trees.

JG, I think a lot of people skip to the pictures, which is OK. It is a photo blog, after all. It reminds me of an old cartoon - a man working at “LIFE” magazine asks a fellow editor if it is alright to refer to their subscribers as “readers”.

Dean Finder, just as long as you don’t walk around Disneyland “commando”, if you know what I mean.

Connie Moreno said...

Major, my face hurts from smiling so much!