Friday, August 25, 2017

New scans, old slides

A while ago, I went through some of my old boxes of slides in the belief that I had already scanned everything worthwhile. Imagine my surprise when I found a number of nice images that (as far as I can tell) I either missed, or just skipped for some reason! Both of today's scans fall into that category.

Check out this wonderful 1958 photo showing the entrance to Disneyland! Ya gots yer old ticket booths, ya gots the Disneyland Railroad's yellow passenger cars, ya gots Main Street Station, and as a garnish, a few tiny attraction posters too. Name as many as you can!

To be fair, I didn't originally scan this slide because it had turned a nasty shade of orange-ish pink; it probably seemed beyond my restoration capabilities at the time. But times have changed! Looking at this jpeg, I see more things that I could have worked on (the clouds are still a bit pink), but overall I am pretty happy with it.

Here's another slide - this one is from 1957 - that had turned a deep shade of magenta. Now that it has been adjusted, I think it's a pretty great look at the old Fantasyland as seen from the rail of the Chicken of the Sea Pirate Ship. Details such as the group of Brownies to the right, or the family just to the left of my watermark, are lots of fun. All of the dark rides are super busy, as is the Carrousel. I'd love to get an ice cold glass of Welch's grape juice, and then check out the "Mickey Mouse Club 3-D Jamboree" (how's that for a title!).


Nanook said...


Two more winners brought back from the dead. Gotta love the goodness of the original Fantasyland, 'pennants' and all. Major - I have my 3D glasses in-hand - where do I line up-?

thanks, Major.

K. Martinez said...

The Main Street Station with its passenger train is so awesome! And what Nanook said about Fantasyland. Thanks, Major.

Scott Lane said...

Great shots! For the record I've really enjoyed the last few posts but I haven't commented because it's really tough to be pithy and/or humorous at 6am...

TokyoMagic! said...

Those Brownies look a little bit nutty. And would my eclipse glasses from Monday work for "3-D Jamboree"?

Nice job on these slides, Major!

Gnometrek said...

Dig the nuclear family at the bottom center of this fascinating photo. Dad's even wearing the quintessential Grey Flannel Suit. What do you think mom and baby are holding?

Chuck said...

I'm having to imagine the pictures since they aren't coming through on this computer today. But the commentary is as awesome as always.

TM!, I was wondering the same thing about the glasses. I've got six pairs and am trying to find a use for them. They sure aren't any good for driving. Can anyone recommend a good auto body shop?

Gnometrek, that nuclear family is in the wrong place. They should be in Tomorrowland.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, I had sort of hoped that the folks at Disney would dig up the old 3D Jamboree, in light of the recent (and now fading) return of 3D. The film has to still exist!

K. Martinez, I do love those early views of the entrance to the park.

Scott Lane, the only thing I can think of is to quit your job. That way you can leave comments because you will be well-rested!

TokyoMagic!, eclipse glasses work for everything! And the good news is that you can use them for the next total eclipse in the U.S. in 2045.

Gnometrek, I mentioned the family at the bottom of the photo! I assume that mom and the baby are holding souvenir hats, but maybe not.

Chuck, I seem to recall that you’ve had this problem before… the photos load just fine for me. Maybe they’ll work a bit later today. I’m jealous that you had six pairs of eclipse glasses, and I couldn’t find a pair to buy anywhere - that’s what I get for waiting until the last few days to look for them. I was reduced to using a mirror and a piece of cardboard, like a loser.

Anonymous said...

Major, this is brilliant work as always.

I forgot to mention yesterday that I have been a reader since 2008, but didn't post a comment till some time later.

Thanks for brightening all my days since then.


Unknown said...

It's interesting that all of the Tea Cups don't have zany decorations on them. Given the date it seems likely that it was intentional.

TokyoMagic! said...

Patrick, I remember even in the seventies, there were always a handful of Tea Cups that were just a solid pastel color without any of the zany designs. I do wonder why the decision was made to leave some plain.