Monday, August 21, 2017

Fantasyland, October 1962

Today I have two pretty nice views of Fantasyland, circa 1962!

This first example shows the wonderful Sleeping Beauty Castle, with scaffolding on the eastern spires and battlements. Perhaps it was just normal upkeep - painting and such. Seven years of Southern California sunshine could fade paint, even on a magical castle. In spite of the scaffolding, the scene is very pretty, with bright colors and lush landscaping; the park looks as clean as can be. 

Let's go get a treat from the ice cream vendor!

Here's another fun scene, with the Alice in Wonderland ride in front of us. Giant ivy leaves (?) let sunlight through, while those white balls look like dandelion puffs with the seeds blown away. Overhead, a Skyway bucket sneaks in; and a bright red fire hydrant is hard to miss.


K. Martinez said...

The second image is awesome! I actually like that there are no trees, bushes or shrubbery in the scene. It lets all the cool stylized oversized plant life standout. I love trees, but this is the Fantasyland I remember growing up with. A little more open viewed.

Both Fantasyland images are great today. Thanks, Major.

Nanook said...


The ice cream vendor's stance [crossed arms] seems very un-Disney like, and more like a universal symbol for 'harrumph'-!! It would appear all that scaffolding activity is distracting potential guests from the icy tidbits for sale.

Thanks, Major.

Connie Moreno said...

This brought back so many memories. Love the planters/grass areas with no fencing! Once I saw the second photo I suddenly remembered telling someone that the ticket booth had been moved in the 80s and now I have proof!

DrGoat said...

I'm with K & C. I was 12, so I actually have some memories that are substantial enough to get a grip on. I'm almost there. Great images.

Matthew said...

IS it me or does the hostess working Alice in Wonderland look like the Character herself (long blond hair, blue dress and all). Great photos today Major!

Oh and Nanook... you are correct! That is the Universal symbol, thus known the world over, for "harrumph" and eventually made it into the Disney Courtesy book as something to avoid.

Always your pal,
Amazon Belle

Major Pepperidge said...

K. Martinez, I think it’s so interesting how the Alice ride had a major “outside element” as part of its design, unlike the other dark rides. It was always a bit of a surprise to emerge from the dark, black-lit interiors into the real world.

Nanook, it’s funny, I thought the very same thing. Like he is daring you to buy ice cream from him!

Connie Moreno, I don’t even know, where is the mushroom ticket booth now??

DrGoat, practically none of my memories are substantial…

Matthew, we have seen other photos in which all of the female hostesses are dressed much like Alice herself. If I wasn’t so lazy, I’d go through all my old posts and provide a link! I wonder if that ice cream vendor was spotted by a supervisor and reprimanded?

DrGoat said...

Major, I guess I should clarify my statement about my memories of our trips to Disneyland in the early sixties. I actually remember arguing with my parents that we should spend an extra day in Disneyland instead of going on to Marineland or the San Diego Zoo. Needless to say I always lost, much to the delight of my sister who reveled in my frustration and disappointment.

Anonymous said...

Major, any construction or maintenance pic is fine with me, even if I have to forego ice cream. That vendor is too intimidating. Great trash bin, I guess those are the Main Street colors.

Pic no. 2 really takes the biscuit, that is an excellent view that brings back many memories. I confess that I like it better now with the lush vegetation that has grown up over the years, but it was bright, fresh and new in 1962. Poetry, no extra charge.

I wonder if the photographer was trying to follow the "picture spot" seen to the far right of the photo? And riches upon riches, two different color-ways of trash bins! Also note the prominent red fire hydrant.

Other photos of this area have shown female Ride Operators in Alice garb, but the male operators "probably" did not have to dress like Tweedledum or Tweedledee. I wonder if they wore "Air Force Casual"?

On the topic of RO uniforms, I went back through my collection of old photos and found one posted by "Matterhorn" blog showing the "Air Force Casual" uniform on the Dumbo RO, similar to the one you posted a few days back. The photo showed a patch or applique Disney logo on the left breast above the shirt pocket. Very IBM.

The mushroom ticket booth is now located at about the location of the trash bin behind the two boys at the left of the photo. This is near the load point for the cars, as we see in this photo. The open storybook is still on the 'shroom "roof", but the booth is closed up now, just a big decoration.

Thank you, Major.


Anonymous said...

Meant to say the second Air Force Casual guy was working the tea cups, not dumbo.


Dean Finder said...

Has "Air Force Casual" become a thing? Great!