Monday, August 28, 2017

Kids at Disneyland, February 1961

We've seen those two young mothers before, not to mention the kids in the double-wide stroller. Everybody loves strollers! While not the most exciting photo in the world, I like this somewhat unusual view looking south down the sidewalk of Main Street as the moms smile cheerfully. The way the blond kid is staring right at us is unnerving!

Later in the day, the kids have made a break for it over by the Casa de Fritos ("Hey, Klondike!"). Ican just hear the mothers. "Come on, Donny, hold Mikey's hand. Come on, Donnie!". So humiliating. 


Graffer said...

I think Donny can tuck in his Mr Spock ears at will.

Nanook said...


Yes - "that" look.

It was definitely a dress-up affair for those two tots. It's nice to see a bit of formality was discarded in the second image allowing the lads to parade around in short sleeves - and a vest. If Donny (or is that Donnie-?) had any sense, he'd be dragging Mikey straight on over to Mineral Hall for crying out loud-!

Thanks, Major.

Chuck said...

Never really noticed that staircase along the retaining wall next to the tunnel portal between Mineral Hall and Rainbow Ridge. Also never registered that arched sign at the extreme left over the front door of the General Store, yet they were both there all along. Interesting to note how a slight change of the photographer's angle can highlight new details.

Major Pepperidge said...

Graffer, it’s kind of like Uncle Martin in “My Favorite Martian”!

Nanook, on someone who is criminally insane would spell “Donny” two different ways in the same paragraph.

Chuck, now that you mention it, I haven’t noticed that staircase either. I think it led up to Walt’s *other* apartment. And yeah, that arched sign… what gives? My whole world is crumbling!

Chuck said...

Major, I've been looking at vintage photos of the scene at Daveland, and now that I know what to look for, those details are plain as day. I can't un-see them. I will probably look for them in every Rainbow Ridge photo I see until the day I head for the big Disneyland in the sky.

Interestingly, while the arched sign is not present on that building in the current set dressing, the sign's text, "Plain & Fancy Dry Goods," is now painted over the door. Nice to see that at least some things don't change.