Thursday, August 24, 2017

GDB "Greatest Hits - 2008

I am guessing that a lot of you faithful GDB readers out there might not have discovered this blog until after 2008. That's nine years ago after all (how's that for amazing math skills?) - practically a lifetime in Internet years. Today's photos originally appeared in '08 to wild acclaim, large cash awards, and a visitation from Tabaré Vásquez, the President of Uruguay. 

This great photo of the crowd milling around the base of the Matterhorn seems especially crisp and colorful - maybe it was that clear January air? The Matterhorn is still decked out in its early, darker paint scheme - I'm not sure when or why it was lightened, although my guess is that a lighter color helped with "atmospheric perspective" - the illusion that more air is between the guest and the object - in other words, the thing appears bigger and/or further away. This technique is theoretically why Sleeping Beauty Castle used to be more subdued in color.

Anyway, as always I love observing the guests - there's lots of kids, so perhaps school was still out for Christmas break. Or maybe it was just a typical weekend.

And now, another crisp, lemon/lime flavored view, showing fabulous Tomorrowland as seen from a Skyway bucket. Crowds were heavy for those days! I love seeing the curves of the Monorail track, the deep cyan of the Submarine lagoon, the Astro Jets and Space Bar, and rural Anaheim in the distance!


Nanook said...


Both images are awfully swell. The angle of the Matterhorn gives the appearance of it needing a bit of slenderizing. And you ain't kidding about those crowds in Tomorrowland. It more resembles what one would encounter on a typical summer day.

Thanks, Major for more 'goodies' from the past.

Alonzo P Hawk said...

It's cool to see an early photo and how small those trees (next to the railing) are near the Matterhorn. Standing in line, even as a kid in the 70's they were so much bigger, fuller and give you some shade as you are waiting in line.
Great photos. Thanks

K. Martinez said...

Notice all the smaller trees planted on the higher "altitudes" of the Matterhorn to enhance the forced perspective. Apparently trees do have scale under certain circumstances. Or at least they need to conform to scale.

Nice view of the Submarine Lagoon before it was partially filled in and the monorail actually traveled over the lagoon. I also like how the grades on the curves of the monorail track allow for the multi-layered criss-cross layout.

I've seen that Matterhorn pic before on your blog and it's one of my favorites of my formerly #2 attraction. Thanks, Major.

Anonymous said...

Major, thanks for posting some old favorites.

The second pic shows up on my screen saver periodically, it is a beautiful picture.


TokyoMagic! said...

I love that Matterhorn pic. We don't usually see it photographed from that angle. And that is a beautiful shade of cyan. Miranda Priestly might say it's cerulean, but she would be wrong.

Ken, your formerly #2 attraction? Is it "formerly" because they RUINED it?

Nanook said...

@ TM!-

In those old GAF commercials, Henry Fonda was also heard to intone 'cerulean' blue.

Unknown said...

I love these shots: a bonus skyway bucket in every shot. And hey! free Bobsled! Thanks as always, Major.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, the Matterhorn does look a little bottom heavy at this angle. The camera ads 20,000 pounds! Presumably these were taken during a Christmas holiday… somehow that makes sense to me, with the kids, and the overcoats.

Alonzo, somebody knew that those trees were going to have years and years to grow! I wonder if they’ve ever been replaced, like the trees on Main Street?

K. Martinez, I miss the old, larger sub lagoon. Does the Monorail not actually go over the water anymore? I have forgotten! I always liked those mini-conifers way up high - the concept of forced perspective is cool, but the crows that land on the top ruin it!

JG, I’ve seen photo#2 pop up here and there on the internet, I am guessing the people liked the vivid colors.

TokyoMagic!, who the heck is Miranda Priestly? Jason Priestly’s sister? She would definitely be wrong about it being cerulean blue. Remember that X-filed episode, the guy who could “push” people to do whatever he wanted by saying “Cerulean blue”?? If I was painting a copy of that photo with acrylics, I’d break out the phthalocyanine green and the phthalocyanine blue.

Nanook, I didn’t remember that Henry Fonda did GAF commercials. Time to look on YouTube!

Patrick Devlin, I didn’t notice the Skyway bucket in photo #1 until you mentioned it.