Thursday, August 31, 2017

Disneyland's "Summer '67" Guidebook, Part Two

It's time for part two of Ken Martinez's scans of the wonderful Summer 1967 Disneyland guidebook! 

Summer ’67 Disneyland U.S.A., Part 2  - Practically a Whole New Disneyland

Today is the second post in a six part series featuring the “Summer ’67 Disneyland, U.S.A” booklet.  Featured today are several attractions and new additions to the Park.  Between the new Tomorrowland and other additions to Disneyland it was a busy time for Disneyland as it was rapidly changing and expanding.  I’ll let the booklet pages tell the story.

Fun Map of Disneyland – The Happiest Place on Earth.  Back then, Disneyland truly was the happiest place on earth. I really like this style of map.

Pirates of the Caribbean – There’s nothing like the original version, the last ‘E’ ticket attraction Walt was directly involved in.

New Orleans Square and “it’s a small world” – Disneyland just kept growing including adding the New York World’s Fair exhibit “it’s a small world” to its attraction line up. 

Primeval World and Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln – Two more New York World’s Fair exhibits imported over to Disneyland.  Now, if only we had kept the Carousel of Progress at Disneyland.

Next will be Part 3 featuring Dining and Shopping at Disneyland.  Hope you enjoyed today’s post.

Thanks as always to Ken Martinez for sharing this particularly awesome piece of Disneyland ephemera!


Nanook said...


'Fun maps' of Disneyland are the best-! Once again, had I not sent my time machine to the cleaners...
Looking forward to installment #3 so I can begin shopping and dining.

Thanks, Ken.

TokyoMagic! said...

This has to be one of the best Disneyland guidebooks ever. I love some of the little details in that map, like the drawing of the Disneyland helicopter flying over the roof of Pirates of the Caribbean! I also like the little people that are running for the Hotel tram and the Mickey Mouse that is standing in front of the Opera House. I see a mistake on the Primeval World page. The text reads, "Two Stegatorus roam the land in search of food." Not only is that a misspelling, but those are not Stegosauruses. They are Dimetrodons. Ken, I wonder who wrote the text for this guidebook? ;-)

Such an exciting time period in Disneyland's history! Thanks again for sharing this, Ken and Major!

Chuck said...

Once again, Ken hits one out of the Park!

TM!, I had alerted on the "Stegatoruses" ("Stegatori?") as well. Also note the battle between the Stegosaurus and the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Not pictured is the time machine that bridged the 110 million year gap between the two species.

I think I remember some more recent copy trying to fix the error by describing it as an Allosaurus, which was a contemporary of the Stegosaurus. Since it already had three fingers on each "hand" a la the Tyrannosaurs in Charles R. Knight's illustrations and King Kong, it's an acceptable rebranding.

K. Martinez said...

Nanook, Oops! Sorry, but we'll have to go on some of Disneyland's "Adventures and Attractions" before we can sit down and eat our burgers and tasty beverages and buy our bag full of souvenirs. "Dining and Shopping" will be installment #4.

TokyoMagic!, If I've told you once, I've told you twice, don't bother me with pesky facts. All I know is they're big scary monsters. I don't know who wrote the text, but they obviously lied about it being a Stegosaurus. For all I know the writer spent their entire life telling Disney lies. ;-)

K. Martinez said...

Chuck, All I know is that Raquel Welch and John Richardson did coexist with dinosaurs because I saw it.

Seriously though, I think I need a brushing up on paleontology. It's been a while. I wonder if "Jurassic Park" screwed up the identity of any of the dinosaur names.

Anonymous said...

As a kid during these times,and before my start as a CM in '69,I would read these guidebooks cover-to-cover. The excitement and wonder of these attractions lasted way past '67. Of course the new Tomorrowland also helped propel the Park for many years as well. Good days. KS

Nanook said...

@ Chuck-

You are fast-becoming the 'fact-smith' of GDB. BTW, what are the odds of finding paleontology experts running naked through the "pages" of a-mostly Disneyland blog other than GDB, I ask you-? And funny that you should mention the Allosaurus, as not only do we share the three-fingered hand, but our brains are practically the same size-!

@ Ken-

Oh golly, I've been warming up my salivary glands for the taste of Coke mixed with Pepsi, and now you inform us it'll be two installments away. Man, what'll I drink to tide me over in the meantime-? (Perhaps Hawaiian Punch mixed with Kool-Aid-?). On second thought, maybe not.

K. Martinez said...


Perhaps you'd like some Hi-C and Fritos while you wait. Mmmmmmm!

Anonymous said...

@Ken and Major, this is a splendid post, not least for the erudite commentary of the GDB gang.

@Chuck, I toast you with three Allosaurus fingers of Coke/Pepsi.

@Tokyo, that map could be one of the best of the Disneyland maps. It's not as colorful as the later 1973-76 version, but the whimsical detail is far more entertaining.

@Anonymous 1 (KS), thank you for sharing memories of your time as a CM. This is so great to hear.


Melissa said...

I've been watching a lot of daytime TV over the past year, which, with my particular cable package means lots of classic TV westerns. So basically, I've been seeing and hearing lots of Royal Dano. It's great, cause I can just close my eyes and pretend I'm visiting Mr. Lincoln in Disneyland. I'm always calling my sister and telling her, “Hey, Mr. Lincoln is a preacher who used to be a gunslinger!” or “Hey, Mr. Lincoln is a frontier veterinarian who hates Gypsies!”

TokyoMagic! said...

Melissa!!! It's so good to hear from you! And don't forget the movie, "Johnny Guitar" with Royal Dano AND Joan Crawford. It doesn't get much better than that!