Thursday, August 17, 2017

Rainbow Ridge Snapshots

As a kid, photographs generally meant square-format prints like the examples seen today. It's the way my mom did things, and even my grandparents. So today's photos feel nice and comfortable, like a pair of old shoes. 

This is a pretty nice shot of Rainbow Ridge, circa 1963; the cool cast of the photo makes this feel like early morning, but it has to be much later in the day (Rainbow Ridge faced southwest). There could be a big crowd of people standing behind the photographer, but old RR looks more like a ghost town here. A nice ghost town.

Greenhorns heading west stayed at the Rainbow Ridge Hotel (or maybe the El Dorado, seen in the previous image). They offered clean sheets for an extra nickel! Worth it, if you ask me. I never get tired of looking at all of the details of the little minin' town.


Nanook said...


I'm all about the clean sheets. But then again, if given the opportunity to stay in Rainbow Ridge, I may just consider 'roughing-it'.

Thanks, Major.

TokyoMagic! said...

That second shot is a good look at the continuation of buildings located to the west (left) of those seen in your post from Sunday. I still want to live here.....maybe in that tan house up on the hill above Rainbow Ridge. I wonder how tight of a fit that would be?

K. Martinez said...

Oh man, these are the kinds of photos that make me miss the old Disneyland. The original 'ol minin' town of Rainbow Ridge can't be beat.

Tomorrowland was my favorite "land" growing up and I didn't quite get into the whole Frontierland thing until my young adults years, but I was always obsessed with the "Mine Train through Nature's Wonderland" area. It WAS Frontierland to me when I was a kid. It held the same high interest to me as Tomorrowland did. Such a wonderfully designed attraction and area.

Thanks, Major.

TM!, I'd imagine it would about as tight of a fit as the Sailing Ship Columbia below deck.

Chuck said...

I have love that stamp mill on the hill, but have absolutely no memory of it. I wonder if it was removed or just overgrown by trees at some point?

TM!, it won't be as tight of a squeeze as Alice's house a couple of hundred yards to the northeast.

Anonymous said...

Major, these are wonderful pics. That first one is razor-sharp clear. Like everyone, Rainbow Ridge was a good spot for memories.

I always wanted to get off the train and wander around among the buildings. It was obvious that even the close-in buildings were not full scale, but less obvious that they get smaller and smaller further up the hill for forced perspective.

@Tokyo, I bet if I tried to lay down in it, my feet would stick out the door of that tan house. I would be like Alice in the White Rabbit's house, but it would be worth it, even without bedding.

I think the current incarnation is pretty good continuity with the old town, sound effects and all, but I still miss the quiet train ride.

Thank you, Major.


Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, you can always just put your horse blanket down between you and the bed. Or your security blanket.

TokyoMagic!, since I have met you in person and know that you are only two feet tall, I think that you would be very comfortable in that little house!

K. Martinez, I’ll bet the “below decks” area of the Columbia was roomier than those tiny Rainbow Ridge buildings. Plus you would have to listen to all of those sound effects. Snoring, tooth pulling, the saloon’s piano, etc.

Chuck, my guess is that the trees blocked the stamp mill out. Also, if you eat just the right part of the mushroom, Alice’s house is just fine!

JG, just like you, I wanted to explore Rainbow Ridge! Of course I had no idea at the time that the buildings were empty fa├žades, so my imagination filled them with all kinds of cool stuff and colorful characters. I’m sure you’ve seen that footage from “Disneyland USA” (it’s on YouTube) in which Black Bart is chased and shot by Sheriff Lucky as he runs up the hill in Rainbow Ridge; by the time he falls down, mortally wounded, the buildings are about three feet tall.

Anonymous said...

Ha, Major, like Black Bart, running uphill makes me get taller too. Climbing the Matterhorn has the same effect.

I haven't spent much time on YouTube. I did notice some ride-through videos. Sounds like there is more to find. Thank you.