Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Two From July 1961

I never get on or off of the Disneyland Railroad when it stops at the little Tomorrowland station. Ever! Maybe because I want to see the Grand Canyon/Primeval World diorama, my favorite thing to see from the train (and that's saying something). Anyway, here's a view as if you remained seated (like me!), looking past the Autopia on the right and the Skyway station on the left, with the Matterhorn right in the middle.

Here's a view from another train... the Monorail, as it parallels Harbor Boulevard. Whoever can name the make and model of that car wins a unicorn. Just a small one though, don't go getting all excited!


D ticket said...

'58 Plymouth Fury.

TokyoMagic! said...

That's Harbor Blvd.? Where's the McDonald's?

Anonymous said...

Sorry D ticket; It's a '58 Chrysler Imperial.


Nancy said...

such a cool perspective of Tomorrowland, dont know that I have seen one like this before....luv it!!

That is a yellow car ;-) That is as much as I know lol!!

Thufer said...

Always love seeing the Tomorrowland terminus to the Skyway.

I am not sure why, but I have often refereed to the area just outside the Tomorrowland RR station as the chilliest place int he park. I am not sure why but most any time I pass through the area I get a chill or shiver.

K. Martinez said...

Speaking of getting on and off the Disneyland Railroad, I once did three round trips on it before getting off the train. It was just one of those days.

Major Pepperidge said...

Well D ticket, you say '58 Plymouth Fury, Coxpilot says '58 Chrysler Imperial! I'm in the same boat as Nancy, I can tall you the color, that's about it!

TokyoMagic!, the McDonald's is there, but it's just a seedling.

Thufer, maybe the Tomorrowland station is haunted?! As much as I love Tomorrowland, I generally think of it as being hot!

K.Martinez, I want to do that someday! Trouble is, the people I'm with never want to.

Tom said...

It's absolutely a 58 Chrysler Imperial. The logo on the Plymouth was a lot larger, and its tail lights were much lower on the fins. That and I think the Fury was too evil to ever drive by Disneyland.

I like that wonderful yellow Richfield sign. Much better company name than ARCO.

Orange Co Native said...

It is a 1958 Chrysler Imperial. Identification #D3458764234. Built in Detroit on November 2nd 1957. Purchased by George and Lauren Peterson on February 25th 1958 from the Dodge dealership on Beach Blvd in HB. They traded in the car to the dealership on March 3rd 1965 for a new Chrysler.

What is really amazing is the amount of dirt that was still around in 1961 and nothing is planted in the center divider. It looks like they only just put in the concrete dividers.

Major Pepperidge said...

Tom, between you, CoxPilot, and OC Native, I am CONVINCED!

OC Native, I can't tell if you are kidding or not. Could you trace the license plate?!?! Also, how much change did George Peterson have in his right pocket?

Orange Co Native said...


How much change did he have in his right pocket? You crack me up Major. There is no way I could know that.

However, he did have one $20.00, one $10.00 four $5.00's and seven $1.00's in his wallet on that July day in 1961. He gave three of the $5.00 to Mrs. Peterson later that day ;)

David said...

Martha: Harold, we come 2000 miles from Chicago, to visit the Happiest Place on Earth™ and you take a picture of a car? Film does not grow on Orange tree's."

Douglas McEwan said...

Oh I get off aat the Tomorrowland station sometimes. Let's say I'm in Frontierland. Fantasmic has just concluded. The area is packed with wall-to-wall people. You can barely move. I have a Fastpass for Space Mountain with 20 minutes left on it. Plus, I've been on my feet all day long. I hop on the train and ride it around the crowd to Tomorrowland

I know, riding the Disneyland trains for transportation rather than sight-seeing is a revolutionary concept.

Harold said...

Harold: "Sweetie, someday people all over the world will see this picture. I owe it to them. Besides, I need to use up the roll."

Orange Co Native said...

It could have been at the beginning of the roll. When I wind film on, I have to depress the button to release the shutter. The photographer could have been loading a new roll of film in his camera and came up with this photograph. It was part of the leader until your camera registers 1. Red dot, wind, release shutter. Red dot, wind, release shutter. Then the pointer shows #1 on the camera.

Vaughn said...

Yellow was not an available color on the '58 Imperial. The closest, from what I could tell is the "Shell Pink," Duco no. 2607, similar to what today may be called "Coral."

JG said...

Tomorrowland station is often a favorite boarding location for us. We often will watch fireworks from the second floor of Innoventions or Space Mountain and then head home via the train.

The dioramas are a good way to end the day.

The TL station is a great piece of mid-century steel work, reminds me of the now-vanished Disneyland hotel. My hope is that it is far enough out of the way and under the radar that it will survive the remodeling urge.

I read somewhere on one of the blogs that (part of)the station is the relocated Viewliner station, but I don't know for sure. That would account for the very old look of the design, which is quite different now from the rest of the Tomorrowland look. I hope it's true, because that would make me very happy.

To be fair, though, all the stations (except ToonTown) are exemplary designs, I just like Tomorrowland the most.

Thank you Major.