Thursday, May 24, 2012

More Disneyland Wardrobe Department!

Hooray for more Disneyland Wardrobe Department photos!

First up is this fun costume worn by ladies who worked at the Rocket to the Moon. It's the planetary headgear that gets me! She can pick up CB radio signals, good buddy. I'd like to think that this amazing piece of hardware has somehow survived, and did not wind up in the nearest dumpster. Please, flying spaghetti monster in the sky, please! 

When I ride aboard a nuclear powered wessel, I want a stony faced Cap'n like this fellow to be in charge. He'll avoid ice bergs, giant squid (or is it "squids"?), undersea volcanos, man-eating sea turtles, and cross-eyed sea serpents. The fur collar keeps him warm in polar zones when he has to peek up from the conning tower to look for Russkies or hippies.

And finally, this outfit is just the thing for Monorail workers. The hat can keep up to 2 regulation English muffins warm for hours (or one bagel, your choice). The uniform feels professional and makes travel via Monorail an activity you could see yourself enjoying regularly someday. No need to worry about whether it will break or bend.

Never fear, Huck has more Disneyland Wardrobe Department stuff coming up!


Nanook said...

I believe our Rocket to the Moon hostess is one electron shy of a full deck.

TokyoMagic! said...

The first and third costumes are Pure. Design. Genius.

scott8637 said...

I wonder which one came first, the Jetsons fashion or Disney fashion, they look pretty close to me.
Beware of sub captains with post traumatic stress disorder.
Black and grey with a red ascot. wow
Spit shine those boots or you will be keel hauled.


That Subnarine Voyage costume isn't the standard operators costume but the "FOREMAN" version...(a little more powerfull than a lead, but not as powerfull as a mamager........but powerfull enough to get his own costume.(yes ladies on the Submarine crew in 1969!!).

The MONORAIL FEMALE costume is the actuall female pilot costume----the female ticket taker feayures a skirt (remember the pilots sat above the nose cone passegfers and you didn't want little boys--or old men ...looking up skirts. So when females were allowed to operate the monorails in the early 60's, the lady pilots wore skirts.

Sadly, most of Disneyland's vintage costumes were destroyed in a warehouse fire several years ago....not so much by the fire, but the smoke and water. Sadness.....


CORRECTION--when females were allowed to operate the monorails the lady pilots wore pants.

Nancy said...

these are cool, esp of course Ms Outer Space and that headband or whatever it was supposed to be!

Sad to hear of the fire, Mike :( It isnt bad enough when they destroy history on purpose nowadays, gotta worry about things like that too :(

Melissa said...

OK, the solar system electron orbit hat has GOT to make a comeback, like, yesterday. Are you reading this, Tim Gunn?

I'd better see Mercury through Mars on at least one runway this season.

K. Martinez said...

That first outfit is a gas. It looks like something out of Ray Cathode's inter-planetary fashion report.

Rich T. said...

As teens, my friends and I agreed the Sub costumes would be ones we wouldn't mind wearing in public.

Man, oh, man, do I love those first and third shots! The park should sell that Rocket to the Moon headgear, with the added touch of tiny LEDs built in.

Anonymous said...

I remember those lockers. Must be in the employee's locker room upstairs from wardrobe.


Alonzo P Hawk said...

What's so wrong with number 1? Often times I wear the tower of the four winds (in mini scale) on my head. It's quite stylish.

Melissa said...

It's Old Spice and Posh Space.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, she does look a little too happy!

TokyoMagic, I agree… the one in the middle is cool, but a very much based in reality.

scott8637, the Jetsons started in 1962, so who knows, maybe there was an influence. Or everyone was just inspired by the same outside sources (scifi magazines and such).

Mike, it is amazing that not only did each ride have its own costume, but that there were many variations of the costumes for each ride. What an enormous amount of work maintaining, cleaning, and of course designing so many different pieces. I am somewhat surprised that women could operate the Monorails, but not the Submarines. Oh, and I hate hearing about things like that fire! What a tragedy!!

Nancy, it is an antenna designed to pick up deep space transmissions.

Melissa, who is Tim Gunn?

K. Martinez, who is Ray Cathode??

Rich T., I think you still might get a few startled looks, as a cold-war era Sub captain!

CoxPilot, you would know better than me! And it makes sense, since that's where employees would presumably change.

Alonzo, who said there is anything wrong with #1? Not me!

Melissa (again), the pain, the pain!

K. Martinez said...

Major, He was a character from SMTV which was “broadcast” on the monitors in the Space Mountain interior queue area. This was around the mid-90s. Do you remember Crazy Larry's Used Spacecraft dealerships?

Dave said...

You had me at "wessel" but killed me with looking for "Russkies or hippies"