Saturday, May 26, 2012

Anything Goes Saturday - Around the USA

OK, I admit it... today's "Anything Goes" installment was a rush job! Still, I think you'll enjoy the two somewhat random images.

Here's a mystery slide dating from the early to mid 1960's; this appears to be a full-size model of a V-2 rocket - the kind that Wernher von Braun was developing for Germany during the late stages of World War II. In spite of its militaristic origins, the V-2 was an important advancement in rocketry, eventually helping the U.S. get to the moon. I can only guess that this parking lot was at an early aerospace facility  somewhere in Southern California... it looks like Tujunga or La CaƱada/Flintridge, but could be any one of a thousand other locations. There's not much in the way of clues, unfortunately. I can't help wondering if one of my genius readers will know where this was!

The next photo is dated September 1961; it is actually stitched together from two photos. Is there anything you can't do with Photoshop? This idyllic scene shows the Heinz factory in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. As factories go, that's a pretty friendly looking example. Lots of red brick, and I like the smokestack with the word "Heinz" painted on it. Wonder if that's still there? In the foreground is a lovely pond where two boys (I see two bikes - Schwinns?) are fishing for bluegill or perch or "sunnies". Unbeknownst to them, a killer duck is about to pounce!

I hope you have enjoyed today's half-assed "Anything Goes" post.


D ticket said...

Rocket is in Fort Bliss, Texas

Chiana_Chat said...

It may be half an ass, but it is an ass with character.

But seriously, these are neat to me. Not only is that rocket really cool (when was the last time you saw a rocket in a parking lot hmm?) but the vintage cars are double-neat-o value.

Great job "stitching" on the 2nd pic. Yes there is something photoshop can't do. It can't make me love you. 'Cause I already do!

As for killer duck? My gosh what about what might be in that water... I'm confused though; you say it's Pittsburgh, but that's the US and there's a factory in the pic. You mean we used to have factories? ;)

TokyoMagic! said...

I bet the boys caught a three-eyed fish!

Anonymous said...

I see that the large tower is labeled "57", so that's probably full of sauce, not water.

Bill in Denver
ps: great pics Major!

stu29573 said...

Looking as close as I can at the rocket, I think you have the real deal, not a model. Of course, it would be pretty much a shell, but there were tons of surplus parts that came to the US after WWII, and not all of them ended up bombing graveyards in Mexico (true story).

Katella Gate said...

"Once the rockets go up, who cares where they come down -- That's not my department." says Werner Von Braun. (as quoted by Tom Lehrer).

Alonzo P Hawk said...

Cool pix! I think the first one is actually the first aerospace 401k program. The employees of said aerospace company would climb a hidden ladder and deposit their cash and loose coins in the giant rocket bank.

Thanks for the second photo as Heinz is my (real) family namesake and I am always looking for photos and metal signs bearing the name.
I would make it my wallpaper If I could bring myself to remove the shot of Main Street Station at sunset.

Even your anything goes shots are awesome.

Major Pepperidge said...

D Ticket, wow that was fast! How do you know? It's not that I doubt you, but I'm just curious!

Bill in Denver, it might be full of ketchup (but not catsup)!

stu29573, it occurred to me that the rocket looked very real, but then I thought, "How many full V-2s could have survived intact?". And then there was the fun of shipping one halfway around the world. But you could be right!

Katella, I grew up with a dad who loved the Tom Lehrer records, I know those things by heart!

Alonzo, you can use this Heinz photo when you do get tired of the Main Street Station at sunset. Also, I like the idea of the rocket being stuffed with money!

Major Pepperidge said...

Ooops, I somehow skipped Chiana and TokyoMagic! Sorry about that! I had just gotten up and my head was all foggy.

Awww, Chiana loves me! I'm blushing! Trust me, I'm not so nice in person, ha ha. Photoshop IS pretty amazing. The stitching wasn't perfect because the photos weren't taken using a tripod, but some judicious "cloning" helped fill in the weird bits. If you look carefully you can tell.

TokyoMagic!, yeah, just imagine what is in that water! Blinky might even be freaked out.

Orange Co Native said...

Hello Major,

I would hazard to guess that at least one, but perhaps both in the picture fishing are girls.

1. The clothing of the one on the bench. Looks too feminine for a boy.
2. Boys did not have hair that long in 1961. Crewcuts was it for boys.
3. The bicycles are missing the crossbar which was how girl's bikes were made back then.

Just my opinion. Not trying to be picky or anything. They look like girls to me.

Great pictures anyway. It would be interesting to see what is there now.

Nancy said...

I do not believe you are not this nice in person, that just isnt possible!

I love the rocket, and we can play another round of I Want THAT Car...I am taking the one on the far left, baby blue with the white stripe and roof :--)

I have seen the main Heinz plant many times in my lifetime. I dont know where this one is exactly, but it does not look like the main plant right across the rivers from Downtown. Over the years they have moved the components of the company around; the main plant is now condos and they don't make the ketchup there anymore, it is at another plant around here. (Rachel went to visit it for one of her culinary classes). I will have to look and see if the smoke stack is still there at the one that I pass by. They have a large display and lots of good information at the Senator John Heinz History Center here in Pittsburgh, which is a great place to visit if you ever get back east and is an affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution.

We spell Pittsburgh with the H these days (there were a few years they did not) but for most of our years we have used the H. I feel important today - my town was featured on Gorillas Don't Blog!!

Katella Gate said...

Well now, THAT was interesting.

David said...

Love the bottom picture. It's so...1960's, Mayberry RFD.

As for the rocket...well it is a parking lot. Where else do you park a rocket?

K. Martinez said...

I love old industrial photos. This one's great! No matter what the subject is, you post some great images on your blog. Thanks!