Sunday, May 20, 2012

Jungle Cruise, 1957

Here is a "postcard-worthy" photo featuring a lovable little Jungle Cruise launch! This is from 1957, and Adventureland had the tidiest jungle (and dock) on earth. There's something about those striped canopies... sure, you can see more now that they've been removed, but I just miss 'em. 

Know what's in those barrels? Money! Hidden in plain sight. Genius.

I like this photo, mostly because you can see the delighted expression on the face of the woman in spite of the fact that she is almost completely in silhouette. Maybe the skipper just fired his gun, causing her to  jump.


Chiana_Chat said...

Fab dock shot. ...But I thought those were barrels of monkeys?

"How about that? What a surprise to see Uncle Gus here!"

Nancy said...

I like the money idea...barrels of money, what a thought!! mostly I have barrels of pennies lol!

such a pretty day deserves a ride into the jungle I always say....

K. Martinez said...

Cool! These are great vintage images of my all-time favorite. While I have fond nostalgic memories of the striped canopy launches, I love the 1930s outpost re-theme of the Jungle Cruise with its beautiful two-story boathouse playing ambient audio loops of big band music and jungle news bulletins. I think this “Walt” attraction still retains much of its magic and charm.

Thanks Major!

Orange Co Native said...

Does anyone know what is in the location where those people are sitting overlooking the Jungle Cruise? Is there are building there today? I'm trying to remember. Is it the Aladdin building?

By the 2 1/2 year mark, the jungle was beginning to fill in nicely (Since they planted the Jungle a good 8-10 months before the park opened. To get some growth on the jungle before opening day in July 1955).

Rich T. said...

I like the way the lady and the hippo seem to be sharing a laugh. :)

Major Pepperidge said...

Chiana, it turns out that monkeys are very very smelly. Who knew!

Nancy, if you have copper pennies, they are worth more than their face value. You also might have a 1909 S "VDB" penny in there, or a double-strike 1955. Can you tell that I am a lapsed coin collector?

K. Marinez, there really is something wonderful and so "Disneyland" about the early Jungle Cruise. I was curious to see how my young niece and nephew would respond to it, and they loved it.

OC Native, that restaurant was called the "Pavilion Lanai", I believe. I think it might have turned into the Tahitian Terrace, but I'm not entirely sure.

Rich T, I didn't even notice, but you're right!