Friday, May 11, 2012

Pack Mules, September 1959

If you're like me, one of the first things you like to see in the morning is a photo of mules. "A day without mules is like a day without sunshine", am I right? And lucky you, here's a great photo of the old Pack Mules at Disneyland. At some point I remember reading about "Sardinian Donkeys" being acquired for the park, which makes me wonder if these are the fabled donkeys of Sardinia? Or is that just a cool-sounding name, like "Corinthian leather"? Darnit, when I ride a donkey, I want it to be American, and come to think of it, I want it to be a mule!

This picture is a nice companion to the first one, giving you a good look at the loading area for the Pack Mules, along with a bit of Rainbow Ridge to boot!


Katella Gate said...

Somewhere in the Dank Drawers of the Disney Depository are the hourly ridership figures for all of these older rides. I'd sure like to see them, because I'm curious if ridership slacked once we got out of the "Davy Crockett" generation.

Nancy said...

Love any picture of Rainbow Ridge....blast them for taking it away!!! :-/

Orange Co Native said...

Things were a lot simpler and slower paced back then. However, one did not think it was so when you lived at that time. Who would have thought back in 1959 that in twenty years a roller coaster would located on this plot of dirt being used for the mules in front of Rainbow Ridge. Not many I bet.

Anonymous said...

Hey Major - Normally, if I want to start my morning by viewing a bunch of donkeys, I turn on MSNBC.

You spared me that effort today by posting a couple of cool mule pics - thank you!! These are great!!

Bill in Denver

Anonymous said...

I had always considered the fabled "Donkeys of Sardinia" to be in the same category as the "Rodents of Unusual Size".

But I see now, they do truly exist, or did, in the age of Crockett and Fink.

Thanks Major.


Melissa said...

I'd rater not investigate the Dank Drawers of the Disney Depository. Is that where Donald Duck left his pants?

Tom said...

Next to pictures of the Monsanto House of the Future, pictures of any part of the Living Desert or Nature's Wonderland are what I want to see most.

Thanks for these!

outsidetheberm said...

So, ye be seeking adventure and Sardinian Donkeys, aye?

Major, the pack mules you see here won't fit the bill. But if you want to have a look at them I've posted a shot at outsidetheberm for you. Click on over!

scott8637 said...

Blame it on Daveland, but that is a cool light in the second pic. Oh and a sneaky little mountain peaking over Rainbow ridge is cool too.