Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Matterhorn, June 1969

I wish I had a dime for every photo I had that featured the mighty Matterhorn. No wait, I wish I had $100 for every photo of the Matterhorn. There, that's better! If you're going to make a wish, you might as well do it right. Anyway, here is a colorful view taken from the Fantasyland side. 

I think we're technically still in Fantasyland here, even though the Monorail track runs right in front of us. Monorails are a kind of fantasy I guess, with a few rare exceptions. 


Chiana_Chat said...

Dream big Maj.

Gee I'd like to go grab a snack and sit at one of those tables in the top pic, it all looks so fun. Next would be the 2nd pic as I rush over to go ride it, glad I had just a snack...

3 white-clad sweepers are idly chatting because everyone is being so neat there's nothing to sweep.

Last I saw it the paint job was more "realistic" but also seemed to make the Matterhorn look smaller.

Orange Co Native said...

I can remember a time when you could see the Matterhorn mountain from quite a distance. I have a recollection that you could see it from Talbert at the crest (Crest View School~ Now a Walmart) just before the narrow road descended drastically downward past the vegetable and fruit stand (which is still there, but the downward slope of the road is not ~ they must have leveled it of drastically when homes were built) which was just east of Beach Blvd. Talbert and Beach Blvd in HB. That was in 1964-1965 when Fountain Valley was only farm land and you could see for miles without any obstructions. You could see the top 1/3 of Matterhorn. To get a glimpse of Disneyland was kind of neat thing.

Alonzo P Hawk said...

Great pix!.

This my favorite period at the big D. Tomorrowland was in it's full glory. I could stare at the progress city model for an hour (if they would let me).

The sweepers are probably chatting about how cool the Haunted Mansion is (finally) going to be.

Matterhorn still single bobsleds.

Oh well, the times they are a changin'

K. Martinez said...

I ate at this place quite a bit in the 70s. I used to dine in this exact spot and look straight up to watch the sky buckets crossing over the Skyway tower. The menu was mostly burgers and fries with the food named after Disney characters like the "Robin Hood" and the "Friar Tuck", hence the name "Character Foods".

Love any shot of the Matterhorn from Matterhorn Way. Heck, I love ANY shot of the Matterhorn!

Monorails in Fantasyland? Wasn’t the old saying “At Disneyland, anything's possible!”. I used to love the way Fantasyland and Tomorrowland converged with the Matterhorn/Skyway/Autopia connection. The overlap made for great transition and visual excitement. Sadly this area has been reduced of several of its attractions and the line now seems clearly drawn between the two “lands” making them less connected.

Connie Moreno said...

Aw, Major, what better way to start my Mother's Day than with pics of the mighty Disneyland Matterhorn!

Rich T. said...

And there's the Toad overflow queue; I got hit with Skyway spit there *twice!* What are the odds? And yet, I'd gladly sacrifice a little dignity to have the Skyway back (they could always put an awning over the Toad queue). :)

@ K. Martinez: The "off-road" Autopia segment and the Nemo Subs do some nice "blurring" between TL and FL. No substitute for Skyway, though.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Those umbrella's are so cool!

Nancy said...

everything about these pictures invites me to jump right in...just gorgeous!!!

scott8637 said...

I miss the vibrant colors of the old Fantasyland.
i like the new version but it isn't as exciting as the old technicolor version.