Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Tomorrowland, June 1968

These pictures bring back lots of fond memories of hot summer days at Disneyland. Looking back, I never cared that it was hot because I was at Disneyland, darnit! My parents might have felt differently...at some point they started taking us later in the day, and we'd stay until midnight. Back then, even being allowed to stay up that late was a rare treat.

The Tomorrowland Terrace Stage is looking like a baby cousin to "It's a Small World". Just think, any minute now the guests could be rockin' out to "Sunshine Balloon" or "The New Establishment". Remember how hippies hated the establishment? The jury is still out as to how they felt about the NEW establishment. Anyway, I love the fact that the stage would rise out of the ground...think how much money they could have saved if it just sat there. But they went the extra mile, boy I'll tell ya. I'm curious, are there many features hidden underground in Tomorrowland?

Here's a view looking at the same area from a different angle. Like I needed to tell you. There's the Carousel of Progress building...although the CoP was a hit at the 1964 New York World's Fair, the attraction did not open at Disneyland until the opening of the "new Tomorrowland" in 1967 (only about a year before this photo was taken).


Anonymous said...

I think its just my interpretation, but the woman in the yellow dress under the monorail sign looks to be skipping with her child. A little moment in time that to me embodies the spirit of Disneyland that carries through to the present.

WmTodd said...

A little late to the game here, I just discovered this fantastic blog a day or two ago and have been soaking in the memories.

These pics are perfect examples of my best Disneyland memories as a kid in the 70's. That Tomorrowland Terrace, and the CM's performing in their futuristic outfits covering current pop songs (and very infectuously at that), and how they always interacted with everyone, waving....what a great feeling. There were those Tomorrowland moments when everything was going on around you simultaneously....the rides, the Carousel turning, the Monorail moving through, the Rockets spinning overhead, Tomorrowland Terrace in full performance mode....those were really REALLY special moments and you could feel it in the crowd that others knew it too.