Monday, May 21, 2007

Souvenir Views part 4

Today is the fourth and final look at the "Treasure Tone" souvenir slides circa 1955.

The Disneyland Stagecoach is about as full as it can be in this photo...just looking at those kids hanging off the back of the thing makes me nervous. Let's hope that it didn't tip over on that day. Say, look at those teeny tiny horses! Why I could just about put 'em in my pocket. Don't think I won't try, either. The scenery is minimal, some cacti and joshua trees, and a whole lotta nuthin. In those days just riding a stagecoach was enough to keep people happy.

Before the plants had a chance to grow lush, you would be able to see folks enjoying their lunch at the Pavilion Lanai as you sailed past on the Jungle Cruise. These diners probably listened to the soothing sounds of Hawaiian music. You can see some of the white "gingerbread" details on the other side of the building, which faced Main Street.

And finally, the Indian Dancers are bustin' some moves in Frontierland. Just over the earthen berm you can see the tropical plants from the Jungle Cruise.

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Connie Moreno said...

Golly, that stagecoach picture left me speechless!