Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Mike Fink? July 1964

This slide was labeled "Sheriff"...he sure doesn't look like a good guy. I am guessing that it is supposed to be none other than Mike Fink himself! Check it out, he's actually smoking. Davy Crockett described Mike Fink as "half horse and half alligator". He was based on a real person, the "King of the Keelboaters", although in the Disneyland television show "Davy Crockett and the River Pirates", he was played mostly for laughs (by actor Jeff York).

If I am mistaken in thinking that this is supposed to be Mike Fink, please chime in! Maybe he is a later incarnation of "Black Bart"?? After making such a fuss over it being Mr. Fink, I'm expecting to be told that I'm wrong. That's the way these things tend to go!

Walking just to the right of Mr. Fink (or whoever he is) are two groovy girls looking very "Gidgety". To the left of him are two boys, one who is mighty amused by the horse poop.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a great Mike Fink to me...

But he's standing, stunned, in the middle of Main Street! Smoking (?) and wearing a REAL BEARD?!

The guy on the right is looking at him (and smiling) as he passes, but not stopping to watch him.

I think it's a Guest who the photographer (trying to be clever) dubbed 'Sheriff'.

You don't say whether it's a Disney-sold slide, but I'm assuming it ain't.

Anonymous said...

Pictures of Mike Fink from the movie may be found @:

What do you think?

Rae! said...

Couldn't tell you but neat all the same.

Chris Jepsen said...

The same guy appears in an undated photo (probably 1960s) in the Knott's Berry Farm collection at the Orange County Archives. A scribbled note on the back of the print identifies him as "Big Buck." He towers above the old prospector standing next to him.

I don't think he's supposed to be Mike Fink here, since he isn't dressed like him and doesn't resemble actor Jeff York (who played Fink on Disney's TV show).

Any additional information about this guy would be appreciated.