Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sunday Bricolage

(OK, some of you might have seen these already because I accidentally published a draft on Friday instead of saving it. I didn't catch the mistake for a few hours. D'oh!)

Sunday has become the day that I bring out the less-than-amazing slides that have been scanned. Gotta use 'em sometime...

This first image was taken from (say it with me) the Skyway as it passed over Snow Hill. Only now it should be called Dirt Hill, because there's lots of dirt to be seen. Down to our left is an area that I think is where the House of the Future is getting ready to sprout (like a giant mushroom). There is evidence of bulldozers all over the place. If the House of the Future isn't there yet, than the Matterhorn is still a few years off. Maybe the trails that are seen in this image are being carved out.

I admit it, this is not the most inspiring photo. There's a popcorn vendor, looking lonely. Don't worry Charlie, there is a group nearby scrambling for change to buy a snack. Folks gotta have their salty snacks.

Next to our vendor is a mysterious red box. And inside that box there is a DEAD BODY. You know it's true.

1 comment:

Merlinsguy said...

No dead body. I'm sure it's a monkey in a beanie.