Saturday, May 05, 2007

Boarding the Jungle Cruise

I have a few photos of this couple enjoying their trip to Disneyland. The gentleman looks pretty dapper with that fedora (tilted at a rakish angle for effect). His wife bears a resemblance to president Truman's wife Bess. Come to think of it, the man could play Harry Truman on Broadway. Did you know that Harry Truman worked in a haberdashery as a young man? I just wanted to write the word "haberdashery". Anyway, these two are having fun, and therefore I am having fun.

There sure have been a lot of variations in the costumes that Jungle Cruise castmembers wore over the years. From standard safari duds to Hawaiian shirts and huaraches. I guess that in colder weather they wore these turtlenecks, looking more like fraternity boys than world-weary explorers.


Daveland said...

Nice post, Major - I don't think I'd ever seen this outfit before. The 2nd photo is just screaming for a caption, but I'll refrain!

Matterhorn1959 said...

Dave- you are absolutely right, the last image is screaming for a caption! I do like the turtlenecks, well maybe not the bright red one!

Anonymous said...

The cast member in the second photo looks like he's practicing his disdainful "Capt. Nemo" pose.

-Katella Gate