Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Chowing Down at Disneyland

Don't you hate it when somebody takes a picture of you while you are eating? The results are never flattering. In this photo, grandma manages to look somewhat elegant, but gramps seems to be a bit annoyed. Can't a guy eat his hamburger in peace?

I labeled this slide as being a photo from the eating area near the Yacht Bar, but don't really know if that's the case (maybe the Space Bar?). It could just as easily be somewhere else, perhaps in Fantasyland. It's kind of funny that guests sat in seats very much like ones you might find at an old junior high school.

In the background there is a wall of vending machines. Some are obviously for drinks, but I'm not sure what the others are for, maybe ice cream treats (Carnation of course) or chips.


Matterhorn1959 said...

This does look like the eating area around the Yacht Bar. I think one of the vending machines is for ice cream sandwiches. I remember one from the college where my mom was taking some classes that had the same drop chute.

Major Pepperidge said...

Thanks matterhorn....that would be the perfect ice cream goodie for a vending machine!

Anonymous said...

This picture brings back the wrong kind of memories...

I remember taking my grandma and my grandaunt to Disneyland in 1976 as a treat since I was now old enough to have a job and a car... it seems we spent the entire day in the Omlet House* restaurant on Main Street where they discussed who had died, who was sick, and what the correct dosage was for Geritol.

And yes, those do look like Ice Cream Sandwich dispensers... the type with the endless-chain slots, each slot holding one sandwich. I remember putting my money in and it only advanced HALF WAY... meaning I had to dig the sandwich out with a plastic spoon and eat the fragments out of the wrapper.

No, Not all Disney Memories are Happy Memories(TM)

*Sorry, can't remember off the top of my head the exact name of the place.

-Katella Gate