Thursday, May 10, 2007

Matterhorn, August 1962

Everything in Tomorrowland sure looks bright and clean in this great photo from 1962! It must still be morning-ish, crowds look light for an August day. But it's never too early to go grab a burger at the Yacht Bar. Hamburgers are "nature's candy", as I'm sure you know. Just don't go ride the Matterhorn right after eating, or the person behind you will be sorry. This is one of those pictures that I'd love to be able to step into (don't trip on the bench).


Tinker Bell said...

You're so right. I could so easily step into that photo and spend a day in 1962 Disneyland. Very, very nice post! :D

Matterhorn1959 said...

Beautiful shot of my favorite mountain.

Merlinsguy said...

Agreed. A very vivid shot that somehow captures the perfect Disneyland day.

Daveland said...

Major: This slide clearly needs to be rotated 3.75 degrees counterclockwise! Please fix.
Nice shot!

Anonymous said...

Great Slide, I look foward to your slides every day!!


Hrundi V. Bakshi said...

If I would have stepped into that picture in August of 1962 I would have been:

A) Crawling towards that stroller by the bench because I was 9 months old.
B) Escorted out of the park for trodding on the flowers.
3) Enjoying the fact that the line for the Subs is 5 hours shorter than it's going to be 4 weeks from now.
L7) 2 dimensional