Friday, May 18, 2007

Souvenir Views part 2

It's day 2 of our look at "Treasure Tone" souvenir slides, from around 1955.

Check out this great bird's-eye view of Schweitzer Falls, as one jungle launch gets a look at the back side of water! Anybody have any idea why those roaring falls are a mere trickle these days? It makes no sense to me. You can see the head of a giraffe to the right, he nearly ate those passengers. Giraffes look cute and everything, but they are mean buggers.

What treasures were to be found within the exotic Adventureland Bazaar? Skulls and shrunken heads, Hawaiian shirts, tiki salt-and-pepper sets, hats, postcards, guidebooks...everything a person needs to lead a happy and productive life.

The noble Pack Mules are transporting these greenhorns through some of the most dangerous country in these here parts. Let's hope that those tipis belong to friendly indians! I think I see a Keppy Kap, so at least one person's scalp is safe.


Daveland said...

Cheating or not, these are excellent views; I especially like the Jungle Cruise overhead shot. A rare view indeed. Thanks for posting!

Merlinsguy said...

Ditto. Great stuff. LOve the overhead shot too.