Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sunday Hodgepodge

It's Sunday, and that means that I have more random stuff for you!

First up, a nice little detail of Pat Casey's Last Chance Saloon. I'll have a redeye, and put it in a dirty glass! Note the little U.S. flags with 48 stars...the current 50-star version was introduced about a year before this photo was taken, so there were probably lots of the old ones left over. Upstairs, there's the dentist, with the large golden tooth hanging overhead in case you need a molar yanked.

Here's a nice early shot from the Skyway looking down on Storybook Land, with Casey Junior and a Canal Boat taking in the scenery. I always love the glimpse of the backstage areas that you can usually see from this angle.

Now it's 1964, and we're on the river looking back towards Frontierland/New Orleans Square. You can see those green construction walls to the right, where the New Orleans Square that we are all familiar with was planned (and maybe the early steel was in place for Pirates of the Caribbean?). Work at the park was slow at this point because so many resources were devoted to getting Disney's New York World's Fair exhibits completed. You can also see the reddish foliage of the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse in the distance.

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Rae! said...

Its really neat to be able to look back at Disney.I have never been to Disneyland.