Monday, September 27, 2010

Knott's Berry Farm

There are two nice photos from the Berry Farm today!

Here's an especially swell picture from 1959, looking East on School Road. In the distance you can see one of the locomotives near the water tower - in just a year, the Calico Mine train would be built right near that location. To the left, a worker appears to be hosing down the streets, which were probably sticky with berry juice. Love that old truck of his! Check out the trio crossing the street with their long overcoats. I was honored to have this photo appear on the back cover of Chris Merritt's book, "Knott's Preserved" (which you really should buy).

I've been posting a bunch of damaged slides from Disneyland, but there were a few Knott's images in the mix as well. This one is a neat shot of a sign that was placed next to an old Stage Coach that was purported to have been robbed by none other than Black Bart!

Here's a closer look, for those of you interested in trying to read it. I increased the contrast, but admit that it is still not easy to decipher. The orange blotches don't help. Still, it can be done. Turns out ol' Bart wasn't such a mean varmint after all.

Here's a scan of an old postcard (that I nabbed from the interwebs) showing the very same coach as it appeared in the 1940's. Believe it or not, you can still see this coach at Knott's today!


Chiana_Chat said...

"sticky with berry juice" LOL! Good thing I wasn't drinking any or that would describe my keyboard hehe

Delightful shot of the Ghost Town street. Why look at the young father on the right (okay okay!). The then-new tech - the truck, that old PA tower etc - sure date the pic since the rest is locked in our images of "old West." Very neat place. And the other pics give some neat examples of the rich assortments of things to see that Mr. Knott collected. Not marketed by focus groups but he found it neat and thought other folks might too. On that was founded a success story shared by millions.

Connie Moreno said...

OMG, I LOVED these photos! Dang it, I gotta get to Knott's.

Katella Gate said...

Chris chose well when he selected this beautiful picture. The colors are subdued and give it a great "long ago" feeling, with just enough steel blue and red for highlights.

JG said...

Chiana, I love your "voice-over" commentaries. For some reason, I hear them in Betty White's voice like the Macy;s parade.

Meant as a compliment.

Major, great pics. You never cease to amaze.


Major Pepperidge said...

Does Betty White do commentary for Macy's parade??

Yes, Chiana's commens are always a lot of fun when she gets going!

Connie, you have no excuse, you should be at Knott's now!

Katella, I am biased, but I agree with you!