Saturday, September 25, 2010

Frontierland Fitty Eight

I have three vintage photos of Frontierland for you today.

OK, maybe this one isn't so amazing, but I do think it's kind of interesting that people are fishing from two docks (aka a paradox). I don't think I've seen that before. If we catch a trout, mom can carry it around in her purse all day. She won't mind!

There's just something about a mountain - even a man-made mountain - that people have to climb. Even ladies in dresses are getting into the act. It's such a shame that this feature has been removed; I'll bet the view from the top was pretty nice.

There's our favorite shiny Indian, standing on the overturned canoe with his talking dog. Two babies are being left out to dry, while everyone else pretends to be working when we know they are actually texting.


Chiana_Chat said...

If that's an old man on the nearer dock, he's sayin' "if I's goina have a second childhood then by Jiminy I'm goina enjoy it. Where's my fishin' rod?!" Like the perspective of that shot.

Yep the view from Castle Rock was really cool, I remember. I also remember, at least when I went, that it was a human conveyor belt, you couldn't stop long since you were in a one way stream of people that didn't quite stop. Maybe it was often like that, the path is pretty busy even in that 1958 pic. No gals in pwetty dresses when I went though. :(

Shiny model Boy is back to impress the river goers I see, protected by his faithful dog. Seriously though, sure is a neat scene. What would you learn about the Frontier from the River today?

Now I have a fishing rod around here... but how do I get into that picture...

Thufer said...

It is sad, but with every picture of Castle Rock I can only think of and remember one thing: H-I-P-P-I-E-S.
Sorry, I try really hard to esponage that dreadful event from my memory, but it's still in there.

Orange Co Native said...

Although I think the Pirates Lair is interesting on TSI and understand Disney wants the island to be used to its full potential to bring in more guests. However, kids being born today in 2010 may not make the connection with the Pirates of the Caribbean movies when they are ten years old in 2020 since the movies will then be nearly 20 years old.
Hopefully in the next 10-15 years, the frontier will reclaim TSI and bring it back to Frontier Land. How about the fort ? They should have rebuilt the fort as it originally looked. I'm not sure what it is suppose to be as it looks today. How about opening the fort to the public again as well?

Chuck said...


On my last visit in 2009, Castle Rock was still there. It's been modified in a couple of places to make it more accessible to some guests, but this feature definitely hasn't been removed.

I'll admit I wasn't crazy about the Pirates makeover (and I promise to be good and not even mention Fort _ilderness), but I was pleased that a lot of the original touches were still there in the caves under Castle Rock and in Tom & Huck's Treehouse - enough that I had a blast running around with my own boys.

JG said...

Major, thanks for the pictures.

Chuck, thanks for the recap. I was worried there for a moment. I vaguely remember changes in that areas, but my kids didn't care to visit the "pirate lair" last trip (too old, them not me), so I haven't seen the island except from shore since 1999. I would be really unhappy if Castle Rock came down.

Thufer, The sad thing is, those hippies who took over the island later went on to graduate from CAL as personal injury lawyers who then spent their adult years destroying the concept of personal responsibility for everyone, as they eliminated it for themselves that day. The changes in the island are just a side effect of the changes allowed to happen in the world.

(rant off)


Major Pepperidge said...

Thufer, don't let the yippies of 40 years ago get you down! Tom Sawyer Island went on to bring happiness to millions, while the yippies are mostly forgotten, except as nuisances.

I still haven't visited the Pirates Lair... maybe in a few weeks when I plan to go to the park! I expect it to be around for a long long time though.

Chuck, thanks for the update! I thought that Castle Rock had been modified so drastically as to be unrecognizable. Can you still climb it?

JG, I know the island (like anyplace in Disneyland) is bound to change. But I always have my memories!