Sunday, April 20, 2008

3 From September 1975

In 1975 my family was living in Pennsylvania, and Disneyland could hardly seem further away. But I continued to look at my souvenir wall maps and guide books, and carefully kept track of our leftover tickets (even a few "E" tickets!) in an envelope in my parent's writing desk. It was very sad!

Anyway, here are some slides from that year that I really enjoy, even if they don't show any amazing attractions. It's more the overall feeling that these pictures evoke. Like this busy scene near the hub, with the Matterhorn towering above everything.

Donald Duck loved attention, and here he greets his fans outside the Hills Bros. Coffee House! I have one of those deflated balloons in a box somewhere, saved from around 1976 (when we moved back to Southern California!), I remember carefully preserving it for posterity. The beginning of my collecting bug!!

Here's a nostalgic scene, exiting the park (What? It's still broad daylight!), with the train overhead, and the late afternoon sun imbuing everything with a golden tint.


Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

These are sweet. These people are the subects, they are having the fun you dreamed about when you looked in that ticket envelope in your parents writing desk... My cousin's had a desk drawer like that when I was a kid, FULL of unused ticket/dreams.


Anonymous said...

Wow, did not you could get away with much on a girl that age in seventies. But other than that strange how the clothing works so well with the background colour, and also how well the film is surely overwarming these images but in way thats hard to replicate in Aperture without damaging your nerves.

Anonymous said...

* get away with that much back

Connie Moreno said...

Love the paper shopping bag!!