Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Submarines, December 1960

Most of us will never have a chance to take a ride in a genuine navy submarine. Well, I will, because I have my own navy - - but I realize that the rest of you probably don't. Back in the 50's, the public was mighty impressed with nuclear powered subs, and the idea of sailing under the North Pole seemed like Jules Verne fiction come true. Only seven month before these photos were taken, the real USS Triton completed its historic submerged circumnavigation of the globe. These feats captured the public's imagination, and obviously Walt Disney's as well!

Here's a nice photo taken at dusk, just as the last rays of rosy sunlight warm the Monorail's support columns. As a kid, one of my favorite sights at the park was the Sub Lagoon at night; like the rest of Disneyland, the lagoon became even more beautiful and magical when it was lit up!

Earlier in the day, this picture was snapped from the Skyway. The Nautilus is threading the path between treacherous coral reefs before diving to inky depths. One part of the Sub's appeal is the way it starts out as if you are going to experience an "ordinary" ride on a sub (!), but you eventually see sunken treasure, mermaids, giant squid, Atlantis, undersea volcanos, and sea serpents. The fun fantasy elements that everybody with an imagination has always wanted to see!

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Thufer said...

the top picture, the one taken as dusk; that just may be the most compelling capture of the sub and lagoon i have ever seen. the color, the shadings and shadowing, right done to the ripples in the water. i was almost at
vulcania. just a wonderful shot. thank you .