Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Indian Performers, July 1961

We're back at the Dance Circle again, but mercifully these are not the same old images that we've seen so many times. Instead, our photographer took these neat full-length portraits of two of the performers. I really like them!

First is this lovely woman with long braids. You can really get a good look at her outfit; the colorful calico dress, silver jewelry, beaded leather boots, and those interesting earrings (or whatever they are). Hanging along side her braids are those pieces of leather that resemble Pluto's ears, any idea what those were?

I've seen other photos of this man, he was apparently the host of the Dance Circle, presumably telling the visitors about the various dances that they saw. Feathered headdress, fringed buckskins, beaded moccasins, and a satin shirt?? Well, that's showbiz for you... in most vintage slides he is wearing extremely bright colors, purples and pinks, that must have drawn the eye even if they didn't feel very much like the kind of thing you might see on the plains in the 19th century.


Anonymous said...

Those are part of the ties that hold her braids

Stub Winged Bilge Rat said...

Major, I wonder if those "Earrings" are actually decorations that are wrapped on her braids. It seems like I have seen something like that, made of leather and beadwork. Great lighting in these portraits.

Jason Schultz said...

I believe the male is Chief Sunrise of the Hopi tribe of Arizona.

Matterhorn1959 said...

Great images...and well focused. My compliments to the anonymous photographer!