Monday, April 21, 2008

Mermaids, July 1960

There are legends of Mermaids once inhabiting Disneyland's Submarine lagoon. But I've never been the superstitious sort, so I chalk those stories up to a kind of mass hysteria. Those are clearly common manatees out there, waving their flippers. Country bumpkins interpreted those waving motions as enticements to join them, where the "mermaids" would drag them to their watery doom.

A second photo from the same lot with those same manatees with their nice tans and long golden hair and... and...see ya, fellas, I'm going for a swim!


Stub Winged Bilge Rat said...

That's a Siren's song that would be difficult to resist! You could be just walking by the lagoon, and the next thing you know, you would be over that fence without realizing it. Too scary to even think about. Well, maybe I think about it a little.

Anonymous said...

I remember the mermaids ... does anybody know why they were discontinued?

-Katella Gate

sundaynight said...

Mermaids! Bring 'em back!