Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday Mash-up

Happy sunday, everyone. Let's all look at a few random pictures of Disneyland, shall we? If I call them a "mash-up", it makes my blog seem hip and cool!

First up is a photo of the Skyway station in Tomorrowland. I posted this image before, way back when I had my first crummy scanner. When I tried rescanning it to see if there was much of an improvement, the answer was a resounding "Si!". Since so much of the image was empty sky, I cropped it just so. Someone out there once asked if I had a full-frontal all nude image of the Richfield eagle, and this one is a pretty good (if candid) view.

There's nothing that says "the world of tomorrow" more than a marching band, with the colorful uniforms and gleaming brass. They don't let obstacles affect them, note how they slip around the trash can and sanitation cart like a river passes around a rock. The TWA logo is gone from the Rocket to the Moon, you might have noticed.

And lastly, but not leastly, it's that wacky barrel bridge again. Look at the size of those pontoons! No no, I really mean the pontoons. They're big. There's some construction going on in the background, apparently the suspension bridge needs work.


Progressland said...

I think the Moonliner (in the red and white color scheme) looks naked without the TWA logo.

Viewliner Ltd. said...

Nude eagles, naked Moonliners and large pontoons! Is this Danniland?
Great pix as always Major.

Anonymous said...

After my family's first DL visit in the late '50s, that suspension bridge gave me nightmares for years--and now, I see, perhaps with good case. And you gotta love that guy in the boater straw hat. Did they sell those on Main Street?