Sunday, February 10, 2008

Somethin' for Sunday

From the 120th floor of Gorilla Industries headquarters, we've let Speedy, our newest intern, choose a smorgasbord of wonderfulness for you today! He's selected four pictures from the 1950's.

Where exactly is Main Street in Disneyland? I must have missed it somehow. Maybe it used to be next to the Ferris Wheel. I'm guessing that it was removed years ago and replaced with a thrill ride? This slide was undated, but is probably from around 1957/58.

Hooray for the Rocket to the Moon! Here's a nice closeup, it really gives a sense of scale. I also like looking at the crowd milling about...I'm sure none of them imagined that strangers would be seeing them in a photo 50 years later.

And finally, Speedy loves looking at pictures of the Castle, no matter how many he has seen before. So here is one from a stereo slide, circa 1957. Nice activity as crowds of adults (and one lone child) walk towards the castle to enter Fantasyland, or perhaps to pause to buy an ice cream sandwich from the vendor.

Here's one more, a nice detail of the front. I would love to be able to go up into the castle and view the park from one of the towers. We've all heard about the basketball half-court that's inside the Matterhorn, but not many people are aware of the miniature golf course that is located at the top of the castle. Speedy has played it often, and he is a regular Tiger Woods of putt-putt golf.

And finally, by request, here is a closeup of yesterday's photo with the Huckleberry Hound shirt!

Thanks for your help, Speedy....a grateful nation salutes you!

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Viewliner Ltd. said...

Awesome Moonliner shot. "GORILLA RULES" !!!! The Huckleberry Hound "T" closeup. It is fantastic. Question: Isn't this Huckleberry guy running for president? Huh! who would have thought! Thanks Major. Appreciated as always.