Sunday, February 03, 2008

Junk 'N Stuff

I've got three unrelated images for you in today's quickie post...

Welcome to Tomorrowland, circa 1968; America the Beautiful to the left, every color of the Peoplemover vehicles is visible, and a tiny bit of one of the Mary Blair murals can be seen through palm trees. In the dusty upper right corner is the Rocket Jets.

The Bertha Mae no longer plies the waters of Frontierland, and that is a durned shame. I don't know how many people actually miss the Keel Boats, but they added some kinetic excitement to the Rivers of America, and their absence is felt by those of us who remember them. If the canoes ever vanish completely...well, I won't be happy. In honor of the Keel Boats, I will name my daughter Bertha Mae and my son "Gullywhumper".

And lastly...I know....a not-very-exciting picture of Harper's Mill, with a little bit of Huck's Landing and Fowler's Harbor visible as well. The vines and foliage have really matured on Tom Sawyer Island, making this feel even more like an ancient mill.


The Viewliner Limited said...

The yellow peoplemover was the coolest. Great Keel boat shot. All beauties.

Anonymous said...

Obviously the photographer was taken with the pretty marigolds in that Tomorrowland picture but to get all 4 Peoplemover colors in one shot was a nice coincidence.