Saturday, August 02, 2014

Anything Goes Saturday: Around California

I've been sorting through my boxes of slides, and scanned some random vintage images from around Calfornia. Here are a few of them!

This impressive, ornate structure is the old San Joaquin County Court House, in downtown Stockton. Here is some info about it: Built in 1890 at a cost of $257,817.37, it was the last word in design at that time. Everything was on a grand scale. Columns were immense, hallways spacious, ceilings high and lighted by the latest in gas lamps. Woodwork was intricate and in fine mahogany and walnut hardwoods. The floor tile was imported from Belgium, its pattern reflecting the Byzantine period.

The building stood for 70 years before being razed in 1961.

It was replaced with this magnificent architectural delight...

… and this is a rendering of the next courthouse (to be built in a year or two). Some people think it's an improvement on the previous iteration, though it looks like the back of a refrigerator to me.

Here's a picture of a place I had never heard of, "Camp Sacramento" (according to the hand-written label). I found a Camp Sacramento on Google Maps, but it appeared to be more of a children's camp and not a destination for skiing. Who knows. Anyway, I love the busy and picturesque little ski lodge, and the snowy slope with the deep blue sky behind it; And the cars, wow! Especially that unusual pink convertible with the invisible movie star standing next to it (the movie star forgot that her boots would still be visible).  

And finally, here is a stylish couple hanging out at Corriganville. It was a genuine movie ranch (in Simi Valley) that was turned into a tourist destination. See some pictures of it looking less deserted HERE.  I'm not sure why it is so empty, but it would be a fun place to explore when the crowds were away.

I hope you have enjoyed your visit to California!


Nanook said...


Many American cities were guilty of tearing-down classic buildings in favor of the monstrosities we see captured in the second image. It's debatable if the same sort of mistake will happen again when the new courthouse is completed.

As for both Corriganville & 'Camp Sacramento' - hubba, hubba-!

AND... the image identified as "Camp Sacramento" is actually the Edelweiss Resort,at Camp Sacramento in the South Lake Tahoe area.

Thanks, Major.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, how *could* the same mistake happen again? Neither of the "new" courthouses is interesting in the least. Also, THANKS for figuring out the Edelweiss Resort! I thought for sure you would say what kind of car that pink number was, since you are knowledgeable about such things.

Nanook said...

@ Major-

That pink number is a bit challenging. Identification calls for a real expert.

Irene said...

Regarding the courthouse - the 60's were a terrible time. Tear down the old, get rid of it and build something new and "modern". Blah.

Melissa said...

OMG, I want that pink convertible so badly! I don't drive anymore, but I'd take it up again for that sweet little number.

K. Martinez said...

On its own merits I don't think the 2nd building is so bad, but as a replacement of the original court house it's a travesty. The last image is my favorite. Love the coloring.

Matterhorn1959 said...

I believe the pink convertible is a Crosley Hot Shot.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, I dunno, you seem pretty expert to me!

Irene, you are preaching to the choir….!

Melissa, it IS a pretty awesome looking car. The color has to be custom, don't you think?

K.Martinez, eh, it's still pretty bad. I've seen worse, but that is faint praise.

Matterhorn1959, WOW, I have never even heard of that car! Amazing.

Dave said...

The original courthouse picture brought to mind my experience with jury duty last October. I live on the very north end of Mariposa County in Buck Meadows CA (sign on the highway says Pop. 50, more like 30 actually), so I've driven through my county seat maybe twice in 10 years, never saw the courthouse (block off the highway). Small county population wise so I'm expecting a smallish nondescript government building, instead on my first day I find a parking space right out front next to the historical marker. The Mariposa County courthouse, is STILL the original courthouse built in 1854, not just a historical monument (which it truly is) but still the actual working courthouse and as original as it could possibly be inside and out in the modern era. Google Image it, I know one of the images shows the upstairs courtroom we were in.