Monday, August 25, 2014

Random Snapshots

I have a few lonely, orphan snapshots. Let's put them together so that they can form a family! Just like in a Disney movie.

I never get tired of seeing the Submarine lagoon when it's been drained for refurbishment (although it was a little bit disappointing when I was at the park and wanted to ride the subs). There they are, all 8 new-kew-lar powered submarines! How often do you get to see them all at once? They are having their audio-animatronic barnacles scraped off.

This one is undated (as is often the case), but the Santa Fe sign on Main Street Station has been replaced by a more generic "Disneyland Railroad" sign, so we know that this is post-1974. But that doesn't help much! It could be from the 1980's or 90's.

The well inside Fort Wilderness seems to be pretty darn interesting to these folks. Is there a goblin down there? Did somebody fall inside? We will never know. 


Nanook said...


My guess about the overwhelming curiosity at the well - possible Lindbergh baby siting. (Or perhaps the 'ninth' submarine).


Anonymous said...

I believe the well photo was taken the moment little Timmy was discovered in the bestest hiding place in Disneyland (cue Lassie from the CBS lot).

Bill in Denver

K. Martinez said...

I don't know what it is, but the floral Mickey Mouse in front of the Main Street Station really stands out in the second image. So classic!

If only the population stat was visible on the Disneyland signage. Then we could probably figure the date within the month and year.

Chuck said...

I was thinking the same thing, Ken. At least we know that it was 10:17 a.m. That's gotta narrow it down a little bit, right?

Alonzo P Hawk said...

The big Charlie Daniels hat on the guy posing in front of Mickey would make me guess around 1980. The height of the "Devil went down to Georgia" fame.

I like how George McFly is gazing into the well. Probably looking for his density.

Melissa said...

Look at all those empty barrels of Pixie Dust™!

is it just me, or does the kid to the right of the well appear to be wearing some sort of smoking jacket? Is this a rare daylight appearance by the evil Count von Disneystein?

Melissa said...

Aaaand I'll just leave this here.

MRaymond said...

Those ugly, lacquered, cowboy hats were big in the 80's. My guess as well.

JG said...

I had a pair of pants that would have matched that kid's jacket.

The 70's were an evil time for fashion and design of all kinds. It's like good taste and common sense had completely left the planet.

Thank you, Major. Wonderful commentary on prosaic photos.


Nanook said...

@ Melissa-

Boy, that certainly was a missed opportunity on the part of Paul Pressler - Disneyland Monogrammed Smoking Jackets. Oh what good times the kids could have had while sporting one of those babies-! Thankfully, I still have my (non-Disney) version. Now all I need is a proper pipe and overstuffed chair to complete the look.

Melissa said...

My smoking jacket has a matching fez.

Nanook said...

@ Melissa-

I'm soooo jealous-!

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, ooh, the Lindbergh baby… I can't help thinking of some of those crime scene photos. Gruesome!

Bill in Denver, ha ha, I can hear that soundtrack (with the whistling) as I read your comment.

K. Martinez, in a lot of photos of the Mickey portrait it is not in full flower, so it looks a bit weak. You're right, this one is very strong and defined. I guess somebody could figure out the date based on the "population", but I couldn't. Unless there is a database out there? Or it you are willing to compare lots of photos, I suppose. And I am LAZY!

Chuck, if we adjust 10:17 for inflation, it would now be 1:34 PM.

Alonzo, I still know a guy who wears one of those hats when he's out in the sun a lot. It's weird, because he is not a "country" kind of guy.

Melissa, your comment makes me think of Tinker Bell going under water (though I know the photo shows dry land). One of those CGI "direct to video" sequels needs to do that. Also, poor Linda. Smoking jackets are cool. Ring a ding ding!

MRaymond, didn't Axel Rose wear one sometimes?

JG, I'm pretty sure I had some red pants in the 1970s. I loved them at the time. Remember how it seemed that almost every kid had striped pants in those days?

Nanook, Pressler only loved plush. Remove an attraction, replace it with shelves full of plush. I honestly believe that we are STILL paying the price for his bad leadership in some ways.

Melissa, does your fez smoke too?

Nanook, you too can wear a fez! They can be had for not much money, unless you insist on a vintage Shriner's fez.

Melissa said...

I made my own fez. Next time, I'll figure out how to make it smoke. Then I can be one of those smoking monkey things for halloween!