Thursday, August 07, 2014

Kevin and Amber Tribute! 1956

Today's vintage images are dedicated to Kevin and Amber B., who actually found the slides while we were all at a paper collectibles show earlier this year! I'm only posting two today, but there are more to come.

This first one is my favorite of the whole bunch; it's a great shot of the castle, with relatively modest Christmas decorations applied. A few wreaths and some garlands, that's all! The ice cream vendor isn't very busy on this winter day (though, let's face it, ice cream is a year-round treat). Probably what I like most about this photo is the people - and their vintage clothes. So awesome! There are a few kids in the picture, but as is often the case, it is mostly adults populating the park.

While I liked the slightly faded look of the first scan, I wanted to do a bit of color-correction just to show you all what a difference it makes. Not many images appear on GDB without at least a little bit of help from Photoshop! The hues are certainly more vibrant and pleasing.

Meanwhile, over in Frontierland, the day has become cooler and grayer. The top of the petrified tree is in the foreground, while a fully-loaded raft to Tom Sawyer Island is ready to head back to the mainland. The Mark Twain can just be seen through the trees, and just to the left of the mill, people are waiting for the next Keel Boat. The white fencing is always a good indicator of an early Frontierland image.

THANKS to Kevin and Amber for finding these slides!


Nanook said...


Wow-! Those Christmas decorations seem to fly in the face of the current Disney philosophy of More is never enough-! This seems to sit squarely in the category of Less is more.

And the way the garland is draped down and across the top of the portcullis, it gives the impression as if the Imagineers are attempting to "disguise" the entrance to The Sleeping Beauty Castle as resembling Grauman's Chinese Theatre. Now all that's needed are footprints...

Thanks, Major.

Nancy said...

Beautiful contrast on the castle pictures; it really does come to life in the second one.

The view over the Rivers of America makes it look smaller than it really is to me. It seems the shores are much closer to each other here than I remember. I love how the Mark Twain is just coming into the shot but still on the far side of the old mill, not obstructing the folks waiting for the next raft. Really pretty picture. I enjoy wintertime trees too :-)

Melissa said...

Thank you, Kevin and Amber (Kamber? Ambin?) – these are some really special shots!

I’ve seen some dapper vintage Disneyland crowds in my day, but I think this may just be the dapperest. Four fedoras in one picture! A pinstriped photographer! No men in shirtsleeves – the most casual guy in the crowd is wearing a cardigan! Miss Jane Hathaway posing for a picture in her best gray suit!

And that’s an amazing Photoshop correction job, Major.

(Four-Fedora Thursday isn’t quite as exciting as Double Babushka Friday, but it’s darn close.)

K. Martinez said...

The Rivers of America image with its dimensional layering (especially with the petrified tree in the foreground) would be perfect for the ViewMaster experience. The barren tree to the right adds the perfect touch.

The castle photo is definitely great for the people in it. I'd suspect Disney focused most of its budget on developing new attractions for Disneyland during its infancy since the Christmas décor looks pretty sparse.

As for the Christmas/Holiday décor, I'm just as much a Christmas/Holiday fanatic as I am a Disneyland one, so holiday time at Disneyland is my favorite time to visit. You could say I fall into the camp of the more holiday overlay, the better. As long as it' quality.

Thank you Kevin and Amber B. for finding these wonderful slides and thanks for sharing them, Major.

Joey said...

Look at those ladies texting on their cell phones instead of looking up at the beautiful castle.

Amber said...

Wow! Thanks for the "shout-out" buddy! I'm so glad we spotted these slides and even more glad we knew just the perfect home for them... with Gorillas Don't Blog! Cant' wait for the next paper fair!

Irene said...

What is a "paper fair" ?

These are so great. I was at Disneyland on Monday and spoke with two different people visiting from England separately. In both cases the same question asked when I told them my first visit was July 18, 1955 was "has Disneyland changed much since then?" Ah, yes. :)

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, I know, those decorations are SO minimal. It's kind of adorable. Don't even mention the concept of putting footprints in front of the castle! I'm surprised they haven't done it already, to be honest.

Nancy, I still like the slightly faded look of the original, but Photoshop can do wonders. I think the Mark Twain is actually just leaving the frame; the river might look smaller because a "long lens" can compress the way things look.

Melissa, they are right up there among the dapperest Ispell-check thinks "dapperest" is OK, so I'm going with it). And that was an easy Photoshop job, sometimes there is no color info left (in those super red/magenta slides) and it just won't work no matter what.

K. Martinez, I am a sucker for twinkling lights, so in general I do like Christmas decor. I almost always go to the park during the holiday months, in fact I really need to go when the Haunted Mansion is its "normal" self. I'm burnt out on the Nightmare overlay!

Joey, it's actually a "Communicator" (like on Star Trek)!

Amber, I promised I would give you a shout-out! I always keep my promises. Unless its inconvenient. Thanks for finding these! There are more to come.

Irene, Amber means a paper collectibles fair. Postcards, brochures, fruit crate labels, magazines, maps, old Christmas cards & valentines, if it's made of paper, it will be at one of those fairs. As for your friends from England, is ANYTHING the same as it was in 1955?? Still, it was a cute question.