Friday, August 01, 2014

Friday Instamatics!

Here are a few more Instamatics, from my dwindling supply! It once seemed as though they would never run out.

I love this unusual sunset view of Tomorrowland! This appears to be yet another one in which the Peoplemover is there, but isn't actually moving yet. The lights embedded in the concrete Peoplemover track make me admire the planning that provided for the necessary wiring and (presumably) access points for maintenance. One of Mary Blair's murals can be seen, the colors altered by the reddish glow of the sun, while the Rocket Jets just look wonderful. To our right is the new "Adventure Thru Inner Space", man do I want to ride that!

Mickey Mouse leads the Disneyland Band down Main Street, past the Hallmark shop (notice the golden crown above the curved entrance). This is one of those odd overcast days in which the sky is just a featureless light gray - it's like living in a light box. Random thought: I am impressed that Mickey knows how to tie a bow tie.

I wonder how difficult it was for Walt's Imagineers to find working plans for a real steam-driven sternwheeler riverboat? That paddle wheel is all wood (or at least it looks like wood!), and kind of an impressive piece of carpentry when you think about it. I wonder how often it needs to be replaced? It's probably one of the primary reasons that the Twain goes down for maintenance so regularly.


Melissa said...

Mickey's tie is totally a clip-on.

You've heard of the four-in-hand knot for tying ties; if Mickey did his own it's be the four-finger-in-hand knot.

Alonzo P Hawk said...

Wow that first picture is awesome! Even the plaid family in the foreground can't ruin it. Nice friday batch Major. Thanks.

Tom said...

Sunset pictures are the best. No question about it. Excellent pics today!

K. Martinez said...

Nice shot of the Communications Center with its Hallmark Crown. I loved the older Main Street color palette.

Anonymous said...

Research for things like the boats and ships are so impressive, especially when you consider the speed that all of this was assembled, and the fact that so much of it was dramatically new.

For instance, the MT resembles a sternwheeler in appearance, but the overall function is quite different from the prototype. There is a tremendous amount of new design hidden under the superficial similarity.

I am continually in awe of the sheer volume of design work and it's consistently high quality making up the old original DISNEY Disneyland. This standard has certainly slumped in the recent past. See Daveland's recent post on Club 33.

Thanks, Major, for the daily trip back.