Thursday, August 21, 2014

Monorail & Lagoon, August 1962

I have the feeling that Monorails never caught on because you can't put a penny on the track (so that a passing train could smoosh it). The public never forgave monorails, and history was altered forever.

I'm sort of fascinated by some of the artificial sea life that was in the lagoon. The fish on strings weren't so great, but look at those anemones! Amenomes! Anenmonnys! Just look at them.

I got nothin'.


TokyoMagic! said...

It's always best to keep your friends close and your anemones closer. (I call the big one "Bitey"!)

Nanook said...


Personally, I prefer 'fish on strings' - or is that on Melba toast-??

Thanks, Major, for Monorails, fish and anemones-!

K. Martinez said...

I agree, Major. Fish on strings ain't so great. It's the beef and pork on strings that I liked.

The Monorail Red image is a beauty. Thanks, Major.

Nancy said...

two really nice pictures...both are sunshiny! the underwater effect on the sunshine is so pretty :-)

Anonymous said...

I love a good discussion on String Theory! Let me loosen my apron strings and see where these comments go...

Bill in Denver

Tom said...

I was just urchin to make a comment about those anemones. That picture is just reef with pun possibilities.

Alonzo P Hawk said...

Execellent photos today major. For sure, I wouldn't string you along. I just wanted to drop you a line and say (as Bob Hope would say) Thanks for the anemones.

Anonymous said...

Keep your friends close and your anemones closer.

Bill in Denver

Chuck said...

I know you're not fishing for compliments, but I'm loving today's thread. It's days like this that keep me hooked on GDB.

Major Pepperidge said...

TokyoMagic!, are you sure you don't call it "Stampy"?

Nanook, melba toast, blah! My mom used to give that to me as a snack when I was a kid. I think because SHE was eating it to "reduce".

K. Martinez, "Fish on Strings" is one of Montovani's best albums from the 1950's.

Nancy, they are certainly sunny… I wish they were more interesting pix though. Usually I try to save something a little bit nicer for Fridays, not sure why I went with these.

Bill in Denver, I have not advanced past "Twine Theory" because of my deficient maths.

Tom, yuck yuck! ;-)

Alonzo, I had no idea that anemones would be the theme today!

Bill in Denver, please see TokyoMagics comment!!!

Chuck, I'm not sure I can handle any more puns!!

JG said...

Thanks for stringing us along, Major. These are beautiful pictures.

I was studying a submarine track layout recently, it's surprising how far back that building reaches under the Autopia, but completely concealed under the vegetation and the highway.

The subs must have cost a ton of money to build, even in 1958. Pure chutzpah and showmanship, it's wonderful.

Still, simpler than the Pirates of the Caribbean.


Nanook said...

I'm good with Melba Toast. It was Rye Crisp that clearly challenged the taste buds. And then there's some other "cracker", whose name escapes me, that more resembled shaved cardboard than any sort of food.

Melissa said...

With fronds like these, who needs anemones?