Friday, August 08, 2014

More Donruss Bubblegum Cards from 1965

Howsabout some more Disneyland '65 bubblegum cards? Let's go!

Card #35: Disneyland Skyway passes through Matterhorn Mountain.

The same photo was used on this Spring 1961 issue of "Vacationland" magazine.

Card #36: Disneyland's Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse towers 80 feet above Adventureland.

Card #37: The wonders of Liquid Space are viewed by passengers aboard the Nautilus, one of the Disneyland Submarine Fleet built with the technical assistance of the General Dynamics Corporation.

Card #38: Brightly canopied launches carry passengers past a native hut in the Jungle Cruise at Disneyland.

Card #39: Disney characters meet in front of Disneyland main gate with a flower portrait of Mickey Mouse.

I wonder if they took photos like this on days when the park was closed?

Card #40: Colorful Disneyland Band marches down Main Street.

25 cards to go!


Graffer said...

Who is the grey & white mouselike character at the bottom left? (standing next to Foulfellow)

Major Pepperidge said...

I assume it is Thumper, though not very "on model".

K. Martinez said...

Love the "movement" going on in the Vacationland Spring '61 magazine cover; the open turn-around at the top of the Bobsled Run with a bobsled full of passengers beginning their journey down the icy slopes of the Matterhorn, while Skyway riders high above Fantasyland are on their way to Glacier Grotto. Then there's the Buck Rogers style monorail gliding by on its way to Tomorrowland, while the caterpillars traverse the leafy trails of Alice in Wonderland. Nowadays, without the Skyway, it doesn't feel quite as wondrous to me as it once did. Nice post. Always enjoy the Don Russ views. Thanks, Major.

@Graffer - I was thinking Thumper too, but the ear looks odd.

Major Pepperidge said...

K. Martinez, that is quite a picture on that cover. I can't help wondering if the Disney archives (or Imagineering archives, which I believe are separate) are full of many such wonderful photos that have never been seen by the public. I'm sure they won't mind if I drop by for a look!