Sunday, August 03, 2014

Swiss Family Treehouse & African Veldt, August 1969

If it wasn't for that little bit of railing at the top of this first photo, the Swiss Family Robinson's treehouse abode is almost entirely camouflaged. Of course that's only from this angle; a few steps in either direction would reveal a huge waterwheel and crazy/ingenious plumbing system, staircases, and several levels of living quarters. 

Once in a while I will see stories online about folks who design real treehouses for well-heeled clients, and some of them are architecturally daring. But none of them is as appealing to me as this one!

Nearby, in the Jungle Cruise, is this scene of the "African Veldt". It sort of reminds me of the opening of "The Lion King", with all of the animals paying their respect to baby Simba at Pride Rock. Only these animals are morbidly looking on as one of their pals is being eaten by a lion. Weird.


K. Martinez said...

Plant life, both living and synthetic, working together to provide a unique residential experience for you and your family. Come live in jungle splendor in the community of Adventureland! Model tree houses now open.

Major Pepperidge said...

K. Martinez, where do I sign up??