Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Li'l Piggies, July 1967

You might have to wait in line 3 hours to meet Anna and Elsa, but you can meet two of the Three Little Pigs RIGHT NOW! 

This pig is not just known as the "Practical Pig", he even LOOKS practical. Eyes straight ahead, determined to get where he's going (the bathroom, pro'lly). God help any kid who tried to stop him… pigs can be dangerous when riled! And this one carries a hammer (or so I've heard). However, he is always happy to answer your any questions relating to "do it yourself" home projects. "Should I use redwood for my Craftsman-style pergola, or pressure-treated lumber?". "Carriage bolts or drywall screws?". He'll steer you in the right direction.

Meanwhile, his brother, Fifer Pig, is happy to be posing for pictures. Mom looks controlling. "You kids stop screwing around and stand still! Your father is trying to take a picture to send to your Grandmother!". It's weird to see all of that green planted area in the distance… what's there now? 


Nanook said...

@ Major-

If I'd only known Practical Pig was so knowledgeable when it comes to all things building-wise, I would've waited in line to ask him questions about a bathtub install, the last time I visited Home Depot. What - you didn't know he worked part time as an orange smock-clad store associate-?? Oh, come now-!

Thanks, Major.

Chuck said...

A Mickey ear balloon sighting!

I think that green area has been replaced by the Videopolis Stage (or whatever its current nom de plume is).

K. Martinez said...

How it would've been cool if they had a Three Little Pigs dark ride in the spirit of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.

@Chuck -

You're correct. The old green meadow was replaced by the Videopolis complex including Yumz in 1985. It was later converted into the Fantasyland Theater (outdoor), not to be confused with the Fantasyland Theater (indoor)that existed in the original Fantasyland. So Fantasyland Theater stands there today.

@Major -

You're comment about Practical's hammer reminds me of the film "Killer Clowns From Outer Space". You ever seen that?

K. Martinez said...

@Chuck -

I forgot to add that the Videopolis/Toontown Depot (DLRR)and downturn to Toontown is also located there today.

Chuck said...

@Ken - thanks for the confirmation.

So that was a meadow between Small World Concourse and the trees? I really have no memory of ever looking over there. I remember a meadow between the SF&DLRR tracks and the Painted Desert, but that can't be the same one.

K. Martinez said...

@Chuck -

There were two meadows. The one you mentioned between SF&DLRR and Living Desert and the meadow between SF&DLRR and Storybook Land as you exited the tunnel dividing Frontierland and Fantasyland on the way to the Small World Concourse.

Here's two shots from Daveland of the meadow with Small World in the distance.



Here's the meadow you remember between SF&DLRR and the Living Desert.


Hope that helps.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, yes, ol' Practical Pig can answer any question you can throw at him - but his answer will always be "Oink!".

Chuck, cool thanks!

K. Martinez, I personally would love to see rides for all kinds of Disney short films. "The Brave Little Tailor" is one of my all-time favorite Mickey films, it would be so awesome! Even "The Skeleton Dance", make it scary/fun. But folks want "Iron Man" and "Star Wars" now. Also, I have never seen "Killer Clowns", though I know the soundtrack because I love "The Dickies"! Thanks to you and Chuck for all of the meadow info.

Tom said...

We're missing a pig.

And look at that dead-end! No passage to Toon Town!

I think in general, Disneyland of the 60's was more lush. The sparseness of the 50's had given way to grown up plants and more greenery. But with the overhauls that occurred later, particularly when BTMRR was added, we got a lot fewer dead-ends and a lot less in the way of greenery. Maybe I'm oversimplifying it.

Melissa said...

Love how the little boy and and Fifer coordinated their outfits that morning.

Nanook said...

@ Melissa-

What do you mean 'that morning-??!! I coordinate my outfits with Fifer every day-!!

Matt G. said...

What took the place of the meadow by IASM? As much as I've been back there, I can't picture it! Toontown?

Chuck said...

Ken - Thanks for the additional photos. I think the reason I don't remember the second meadow is evident in the second photo - all those saplings must have grown quite a bit by the mid-70's, changing the appearance of the area.

Thanks, as always, for the outstanding research!

Anonymous said...

I remember punching one of the trio in the nose as he tried to take my mother's ice cream cone. He was acting like such a . . . pig.

Major Pepperidge said...

Tom, we need to issue an APB (that's right, an All Pigs Bulletin) RIGHT AWAY!

Melissa, it took months of planning and coordinating of watches.

Nanook, you are a true American.

Matt Gerhard, check out Chuck's comment in which he says that Videopolis was placed there.

Chuck, yes, those pix that Ken shared (from Daveland) are great. Wish I had some like that.

Anon, I hope you didn't punch too hard! Those pig costumes (like the 7 Dwarfs) had arms that hung useless at their sides.

Melissa said...

The costume arms didn't work? That's just cruel! Both for the "friend" of the character who was trapped in there, and for the guests who might have expected a hug or a handshake!

(It's like being a huge Tom Servo!)