Monday, June 23, 2008

Two from 1957

It seems like it's been a little while since I've delved back into the 1950's, so I'm glad to be able to present these nice images from '57.

Here's a very nice shot of the Indian Village and Dance Circle as taken from the Mark Twain. There are a lot of spindly saplings! And plenty of nice 1950's families making the scene. The red-and-white striped tent in Holidayland is just visible over the hill. And if you look closely to the left of the tent, you can see a man way up on the hillside! Presumably he was a guest who wanted to see what was on the other side. Was the berm purposely built up extra high here to hide the tent?

It's Monkey Mania again! It's not every day that you see an organ grinder with a monkey, especially a monkey wearing a coonskin cap! The lady in the background looks a little bit wary, and I have to admit that the monkey scares me. Those things can rip your face off in seconds!


Katella Gate said...

Actually, I see *two* men in the bushes on the hill. I wonder if they are groundskeepers?

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Monkey Mania!!! That little monkey is staring at that lady's face, looks like he's getting ready to attack! He scares me too, the organ grinder machine however looks cool, I bet it made a great sound.

The Viewliner Limited said...

That is probably one of the nicest pics I have seen of the Indian Village. The monkey is cool. I don't trust the grinder though.