Thursday, June 19, 2008

Indian Dancers, 1956

These photos have given me a great idea for a mid-summer reality show, "Dancin' with the Indians" (or "Native Americans", if you prefer). Each week, a group of annoying contestants (who you would avoid in real life) dance their li'l hearts out in front of three Indian judges. Besides dancing ability, they would be judged based on, "Best use of bells", "Skimpiest costume", and "Personality" (hey, we don't want a jerk to win!).

Of course the show would be missing a lot of the excitement that Disneyland's version had, being right on the Rivers of America, with the Mark Twain splashing past. What are all those do-dads hanging from the poles? I see at least two bright yellow Keppy Kaps, and possibly one white one. No giant ostrich plumes, however.

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outsidetheberm said...

Oh great, another dancing reality show...

At least yours is at Disneyland!