Saturday, June 14, 2008

Boring photos, October 1963

Saturday is typically a day when this blog gets fewer visitors, so I am posting these less-than-exciting pictures today. For those of you who did come by, I hope you'll find something of interest!

See what I mean? It's almost a photo of nothing. Oh sure, there's the Pirate Ship, and the Casey Jr. ticket booth (and even a smidgen of Casey himself). But the true star of the photo is the lady with the red pants.

Our adventurous photographer went to the trouble of panning up a few inches, and a friendly guy in one of the Skyway buckets decided to wave "hello"!


Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Two vintage photos of Casey Jr. Ticket booth!!!! Not boring to me, I love that little booth. I took about a dozen pics of it Thursday, but these are better!! Thanks!

Merlinsguy said...

This is not boring; these are the best! Unusual images, giving the feel of D-land on lazy days.