Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Down on the Farm

I hope that two days away from Disneyland won't make you go berserk! But a few pictures from Knott's Berry Farm are always welcome in my book.

In this first image, a group of folks is gathered outside the jail, and I am guessing that "Sad Eyed Joe", the jail's permanent prisoner, just said something pretty funny. Grandma thinks so, anyway!

I love this beautiful photo looking down the main drag of the Ghost Town in the golden afternoon sunlight. The Indian Chief is probably starting to think about clocking out and maybe getting a nice hamburger for dinner (one reader said that he drove a Porche home at night!). The Train is down at the end of the street, just waiting for you to take a ride! That stand of magnificent eucalyptus trees (I can smell 'em now!) really adds to the feel of "old California".

Sorry that this one is kind of dark and murky, but it has a monkey. A MONKEY, do you hear?? And monkey's get automatic priority here on GDB. The organ grinder is wearing a shirt that is as brightly colored as a gypsy wagon. The crowd loves him! That's because of his magic monkey. I was reading about gypsies, also known as the Roma people (not Romanian, though...). They in fact have their origins in India! "The Roma are still thought of as wandering nomads in the popular imagination..." although of course that isn't true these days.


Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

I love the old Knott's pictures! Monkey's like that however do scare me, when I was a kid a monkey at the pet shop pull my hair and would let go!

So true about the eucalyptus trees being “old California”, there is a park near my house that was an old ranch and it still has a few giant eucalyptus tree from the late 1800's, wow, what a smell!!

Thanks for the Knott's post!

outsidetheberm said...

Great images!

Though his face is in shadow, that may be Frank Yates and his monkey, Bobby.
Those little monkeys could get pretty nasty at times. The scary thing is, it looks like that little guy is about to tear his handlers face off in this shot.

The Viewliner Limited said...

I am with you Tim, I don't like Bobby. Great pictures Major.

Anonymous said...

When I was a kid, every time we'd go to Knott's, I'd give that monkey a penny!

I wonder if Frank ever got rich from all those pennies?