Thursday, June 05, 2008

Jungle Cruise, June 1969

The Jungle Cruise! You don't see much of it on this blog, but that's not due to any lack of love for it. It's just that so many of the photos tend to look alike! These were nice though, so as long as I don't show the gaping hippos, I figured you would forgive me.

Here we see a part of the Elephant Bathing Pool, which was a late addition to the attraction (with gags dreamed up by Marc Davis). The elephants themselves bear a remarkable resemblance ot his drawings, an interesting mix of realism and charicature. There's a part of me that almost wishes I could have experienced the early Jungle Cruise, when it was taken more seriously. But I'm not sure I can really express why!

The African Veldt scene reminds me a bit of the beginning of "The Lion King", except that in this case the lions are actually eating their friends. It's a bit strange that the rest of the animals are looking on so calmly. Morbid, really. I guess that when you don't have cable, this is what you have to do for entertainment.

Mmmm, this is making me hungry for some zebra! I like the fact that the humor was toned down a bit here; There's nothing wrong with a gruesome thrill once in a while! Does anybody know if these scenes have been toned down at all in recent years? Are there any pirates to be seen?

The Lost Safari, a classic gag! I love the laughing hyenas.


Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

These are great, this is how I remember the Jungle Cruise from when I was a kid, it actually had some sun light! These are super clear (slides?) "major" eye candy for the Adventurer... Thanks!

The Viewliner Limited said...

Most pictures you see of the Jungle Cruise are...Uhhhh jungle cruise pictures. These are "SUPERB JUNGLE CRUISE PICTURES". Thanks Major.

Anonymous said...

ho hum.

Unknown said...

It is amazing to see the difference 20 years can make!